Tom’s Lick of the Week : Lesson 22

Tom Richardson is back again with another finger-twisting ‘Lick of the Week’Every other Monday Tom will publish a new lick lesson in video format along with a brief description and tabs.  These licks are aimed mainly at the intermediate and advanced level players, so get your game faces on!

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Lick of the Week Lesson 22

This week’s lick is based on the A Melodic Minor scale.

Lick of the week guitar lesson left handed lefty tom richardson

The main part of this lick is played using the scale shape starting on the root note at the 5th fret of the E string.

A Melodic Minor Guitar Scale

A basic way to add the Melodic Minor sound to your solos is to visualize the Pentatonic scale and play the note one fret below the root (Ab – major 7th) It’s best not to stay too long on this note unless you want to create a really outside phrase! You can also think of it as a Dorian scale with a Major 7th (Ab) instead of Minor 7th (G). Or you can think of it as a Major scale with a minor 3rd (C)

The second to last note in the 2nd bar at the 8th fret is the beginning of an Augmented Triad. This is built from the third degree of the Melodic Minor Scale which when harmonized gives a maj7#5 chord. Like a diminished scale, which is symmetrical and can be moved up or down in minor 3rd intervals (or every 3 frets), the augmented scale can be moved up or down a major 3rd (4 frets). In the lick, the last part of the arpeggio is played 4 frets higher.

Download tab in GuitarPro 5 format


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