Tom’s Lick of the Week : Lesson 27

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Lick of the Week Lesson 27

Tom Richardson Lick of the Week Guitar Lesson 27

When playing over a minor chord, there are 3 different minor pentatonic scales we can use.

The lick is in A Minor and uses the A Minor Pentatonic as the first choice as well as the E Minor Pentatonic.

The notes of A Minor Pentatonic are

The notes E Minor Pentatonic are

The only difference is that the C note doesn’t appear in E minor, instead a B does and this is the 2nd of A Minor so it still works.If you don’t want to worry about the theory side, just play a Pentatonic a 5th above the Root of the first choice Pentatonic.


D Pentatonic  > up a 5th> play A Pentatonic too
E Pentatonic  > up a 5th> play B Pentatonic too

There is also a third possibility.

When A Minor is built off the 6th degree of the parent major scale (C)

I – C
II – D
IV – F
V – G
VI – A

The three minor modes in this key are Dorian (II), Phrygian (III) and Aeolian (VI) which all contain Minor Pentatonics. We have already used the Pentatonics built from the VI and III intervals so that leaves the D built from the II.

Again it’s up to you whether you want to know the theory behind it all but a quick way of finding this Pentatonic is by going up a tone from the Root instead of a 5th.


D Pentatonic  > up a tone > play E Pentatonic too
E Pentatonic  > up a tone > play F# Pentatonic too

In the lick I start with A Minor Pentatonic. The 3rd note of the 2nd bar starts descending down an E Minor Pentatonic scale before resolving on an A at the end of Bar 3.

Each Pentatonic scale highlights different chord tones and has its own sound. It’s a great way to expand your lick vocabulary while using the same familiar scale.

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Download tab in GuitarPro 5 format


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