Tom’s Lick of the Week : Lesson 29

Tom Richardson is back again with another finger-twisting ‘Lick of the Week’Every other Wednesday Tom will publish a new lick lesson in video format along with a brief description and tabs.  These licks are aimed mainly at the intermediate and advanced level players, so get your game faces on!

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Lick of the Week Lesson 29

This week’s lick uses the Am pentatonic scale with some added diatonic arpeggios.

Tom Richardson Guitar Lick Lesson 29 Free

The arpeggios used are a C major triad (C E G) and D major triad (D F# A). These are built from the 3rd and 4th degrees of the Am pentatonic scale. In this lick, the pentatonic scale is built from the second degree of G major, so it comes from the Dorian scale as apposed to the 6th degree Aeolian scale in previous examples.

Here you can see the notes of the G major scale with the common notes of the pentatonic scale and arpeggios:

G major –  G A B C D E F#
A minor pentatonic – A C D E G
C major – C E G
D major – D F# A

Again if you’d rather just try these ideas, just play the triads off the 3rd (C major) or 4th (Dmajor) of the pentatonic scale. The use of triads creates an interesting intervallic type sound especially when sequenced up the neck like in the example.

Download tab in GuitarPro 5 format


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