Tom’s Lick of the Week : Lesson 30

Tom Richardson is back again with another finger-twisting ‘Lick of the Week’Every other Wednesday Tom will publish a new lick lesson in video format along with a brief description and tabs.  These licks are aimed mainly at the intermediate and advanced level players, so get your game faces on!

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Lick of the Week Lesson 30

Lick 30 is an example of how to use the Pentatonic scale with 3 note per string shapes instead of the usual box patterns. Using 3 notes per string makes it much easier to play faster and more fluently. The tab below shows two separate ways of playing the lick.

Tom Richardson Guitar Lick of the Week 30 Tab

In the lick, all of the notes are taken from the Minor Pentatonic scale. After playing the first two notes on the E string instead of going to the A string to play the D at the 5th fret, it’s played at the 10th fret of the E string. Only the E at the 7th fret is played on the next string and this allows smooth transition to the next 3 notes. The 5th fret and 7th fret are played as normal on the D string but instead of going to the G string to play the next note, it is played at the 10th fret of the D string instead. You’ve probably got the idea by now, it continues like this before finishing on the root with some vibrato.

I play the lick using hammer-ons and there are a few tricky stretches doing it this way, but  it works well with economy picking which is what I prefer. An alternative way is to slide up to the third note, which takes away the big stretch while still giving a similar legato sound. Both ways work well slow and fast and I have tabbed out both ways to play the lick.

Download tab in GuitarPro 5 format


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