Winter NAMM 2015 New Schecter Guitars

Finally some southpaw excitement from the imminent NAMM 2015 exhibition! We can always rely on good old Schecter to hook us lefties up with some sweet new gear, and this year will be no different.

Schecter will be launching 3 new guitar ranges at winter NAMM, and although every guitar won’t be available left handed, more than a decent chunk of them will.  The Platinum Series all feature a sleek satin finish and introduces a new aggressive body shape – the S-II.  The Banshee Elite Series comes in a beautiful natural gloss finish and all feature a much requested neck-thru design. And finally, the Hellraiser Passive Series is just that … passive versions of models from the Hellraiser stable.

The following image shows a composite of all of the new models.  See below for links to each.

New From Schecter for 2015Winter NAMM 2015 : New Left Handed Schecters

From left to right: Solo II Platinum, Hellraiser Solo II Passive, S-II Platinum, Hellraiser C-7 Passive, C-1 Platinum, Hellraiser C-1 Passive, Hellraiser C-1 FR Passive, Banshee Elite 8, Banshee Elite 7 FR-S, Banshee Elite 7, Banshee Elite 6, Banshee Elite 6 FR-S.

The links above are all to the right handed versions of the guitars, as the left handed models have no images at present. According to the Schecter website, the colors shown above are the only finishes the left handed models will be available with.

The Banshee Elite and Hellraiser Passive FR models all come with an upgraded Floyd Rose 1500 series tremolo system, which is only available from Schecter. And to top things off, these two ranges also come with USA made, Schecter Custom Shop pickups!

For more information:
Schecter Guitars Website