New Lefty Exclusive Range of Overwater Bass Guitars

We were recently chatting with Bass Gear UK about an exciting new lefty project that they are working on in collaboration with Overwater Bass Guitars.  Bass Gear are one of the UK’s premier bass guitar stores, and specialise in boutique, high end brands.

Bass Gear is purposely developing a niche speciality in left handed high end basses, new and pre-owned. This makes a potentially long trip to Reading, UK worthwhile for a lefty intent on finding a special bass.

Overwater Sinistra Left Handed Bass Guitars

So what’s this exciting news then?  Bass Gear have teamed up with Overwater to develop an exclusive range of high quality left hand only bass guitars, which will be called the Overwater Sinistra series.

Overwater Sinistra Left Handed Bass Guitar

The image above shows the prototype model which is now available to purchase (see below).  The final guitars are expected to have a little more visual flair and will be available as 4 or 5-string versions.  Initial estimates are suggesting a price of between £1500 and £1700 GBP.

The Sinistra range should hopefully be launched by the end of 2012 and is a southpaw exclusive!  Hopefully we’ll be able to keep you posted on the development of this new series.

Sinistra Prototype

The 5-string prototype Sinistra pictured above is available for sale at Bass Gear right now at a special price.  You have the chance to own a very exclusive guitar here, a real piece of history.

This bass features a white ash body, three piece bolt-on maple neck, 35″ scale length and Overwater’s own pickups and 3-band preamp with pull out top boost.

For more information:
See the prototype at Bass Gear UK
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