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Famous Left Handed People

Left Handed Celebrities

A huge list of famous left handed people. Left handed actors, musicians, scientists, presidents, and more!

Left Handed Baritone Guitar Guide

Who Makes Left Handed Baritone Guitars

Unlock lower tunings with my extensive left handed baritone guitar guide! Learn why you might need a baritone, and browse a selection of awesome lefty models.

Left Handed DIY Guitar Kits

Left Handed DIY Guitar Kits

Looking for a left handed DIY guitar kit? Or a bass kit? Check out my top choices and find the ideal guitar project for your skill level.

Guitar Scale Length Explained

Guitar Scale Length Explained

Scale length is an important ingredient in the complicated recipe that makes up your guitar, with a broad effect on playability, tone, and feel. Find out all you need to know!

Left Handed Squier Guitars & Basses

Squier Left Handed Guitars

Looking for a left handed Squier guitar or bass, but not sure which models are available this year? Take a read through this article for a quick summary of the entire left handed Squier guitar range!

Which Guitar Fretboard Wood Is Right For You?

Best Wood For Guitar Fretboard

Fretboard woods will contribute to your guitar’s tone, feel and appearance. But what’s the difference? We look at Ebony, Maple and Rosewood – 3 of the most common fingerboard choices.