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Famous Left Handed Guitarists

Famous Left Handed Guitar Players

Can you name five famous left handed guitarists? I’ll bet you can – but I’ll also wager that after five or so you would start to struggle! To help out, here’s a list of some of the best known left handed guitar players both past and present.

New Fender Equality Series

Fender Equality Series

Fender has JUST announced their new Equality Series. A range of symmetrical guitars for both left AND right handed players. Find out more!

Left Handed Gretsch Guitar Range

Left Handed Gretsch Guitar Range

Check out the current left handed Gretsch guitar range in this massive guide! Choose from 15 different models, from the affordable Streamliner range to the high-end Professional Collection.

Charvel Left Handed Guitars

Charvel Left Handed Guitars

Check out the current range of left handed Charvel guitars. Charvel unveiled five brand new left handed Pro Mod guitars at Winter NAMM!

Jamstik Left Handed Guitars

Jamstick Left Handed Guitars

Both the Jamstik Studio MIDI guitar and the beginner friendly Guitar Trainer are available left handed. Find out more!