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Solar Left Handed Guitars

Left Handed Solar Guitars

Check out the full selection of left handed Solar guitars and basses currently available from Ola Englund’s metal-focused brand!
Christmas Gifts For Guitar Players

15 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Guitar Players

Explore my list of top Christmas gifts for guitar players, featuring must-have items and ideas that every guitarist will appreciate.


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Newbie Guide

Newbie Guide - Get Started With Left Handed Guitar or Bass!

So you want to learn to play guitar or bass but are unsure of where to start? This nine-part guide will clue you in on everything you need to know when starting out with your new hobby. Includes beginner gear recommendations!


Chord Book

Left Handed Guitar Chords Book - Download Now!

Learn over 300 chords FAST, and in a lefty friendly format with my NEW Left Handed Guitar Chord Book! There’s no longer any need to struggle with charts designed with right handed players in mind. Download the PDF now!

Visit Southpaw Guitars

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Southpaw Guitars

Discover a wide selection of over 900 left handed guitars and basses at Southpaw Guitars. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, their knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in finding your dream lefty guitar.

Discover a wide selection of over 900 left handed guitars and basses at Southpaw Guitars.

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Lefty Guitar Database

Lefty Guitar Database

Our ever-growing guitar database lists thousands of the left handed guitars and basses available from each brand. Find your next instrument!