Paulo Cesar Morete Lopez – Insight From a Pro Lefty Guitarist

Paulo Cesar Morete Lopez is a professional guitar player from Spain and most importantly a fellow lefty.  Paulo was kind enough to take some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few quick questions – hopefully you will be able to take something from his insights!

Paulo currently plays lead guitar in two well known hard-rocking bands which are based in his home country of Spain – Einsof and Satrapa (links and videos below).

Thanks for taking time to answer our questions Paulo!

A pleasure!  Your website is great and the articles are very interesting – it’s always cool to find people and websites who support lefty guitar players.  Many thanks for your work!!!

Are you self-taught or did you learn from a teacher?

I’m completely self-taught.  I learned to play from books and also picked up a lot from playing in different bands.

What made you decide to pick  a lefty guitar rather than learning righty?

I’m a lefty and so playing a left handed guitar was just the natural option, nobody ever tried to persuade me to learn right handed.

A lot of our readers are fiercely proud of being left handed, are you the same?

Of course!!! :D

Do you ever wish you had learned right handed instead?

Maybe in the first year or two, back then it was very difficult to find good lefty guitars and they were always very expensive!

Paulo in Einsof’s music video for their song ‘Paradox’

How easy/difficult is it to obtain a left handed guitar in Spain?

In Spain it’s quite difficult to find a good left handed guitar.  However I have now been working with Mensinger Guitars for about four years – they’re amazing and build all of their guitars left handed.

What to you is the most frustrating aspect of being a lefty player?

It’s hard to find a guitar in an actual store, probably only 1% of most store’s stock is left handed and the rest is for right handed players.  And this 1% is just normally very cheap guitars!

Paulo Morete Cesar Lopez and his Bogner Amp Rig

Being a lefty player do you ever get any strange reactions?

Maybe 10 years ago I would get some funny looks but not anymore.

Is there any guitar you wish was available left handed?

Yes.. a PRS Single Cut. I love this guitar!

What is your favorite guitar brand and why?

Mensinger Guitars, they take care of left handed guitar players and you can find all their models left handed. The quality of their guitars is amazing and they are great to work with!

What is your current main guitar and why?

My main guitar is a Mensinger Arkadia.  Right now I play with two Arkadias in different tunings – one in Drop D and the other in Drop C.

What has been your favorite guitar owned so far?

My PRS McCarty which I bought in New York several years ago. This guitar has a great sentimental value for me and I only play it on recordings, at home.

Do you have any plans for your next guitar purchase?

I’m working with Mensinger Guitars on my new Arkadia 7 string… This guitar will be my new one! You can see a photo of this one below…it looks amazing!

Paulo Cesar Morete Lopez Mensinger Left 7-String Arcadia

Could you give us a brief run-down of your equipment setup?

For amps I use a Bogner Ubershcall Twin Jet with Bogner Ubercabs.  The Bogner is the best amp I have ever played and it works perfectly along with my Mensinger guitars for a great rock and metal sound.  I’m an endorser of both Mensinger and Bogner. I also use Astone Custom Effects (Tremolo and Overdrive) and Steve Clayton Custom Picks with my signature.

What are your plans for the future?

I will be recording new albums this year for both of my bands Einsof and Satrapa at Sunnday Studios in Murcia, Spain!

Paulo playing live with Satrapa – the song is called ‘Tiempo’

For more information:
Paulo’s Website
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