Sterling by Music Man : Left Handed Bass Guitars 2012

Sterling by Music Man produce a range of instruments licensed by Ernie Ball Music Man and built overseas in Indonesia.  They produce a range of guitars and basses modelled after their Music Man siblings but at a more affordable price range.

Unfortunately the company only currently produces one bass guitar model left handed, introduced earlier this year.  It would be unfair to put them down for this however, as the brand was only founded a couple of years ago in 2009.  As you will probably know, Music Man are actually very good when it comes to supporting left handed players, so I’m confident that Sterling will follow suit over time as the company grows.

Let’s take a look at the Ray34 bass from Sterling.  It is nice to see that even though there is a black model, Sterling chose to bestow upon us the beautiful and colourful honey-burst finish rather than lumping us with the black as most other companies would do.

Sterling Ray34 Honeyburst Left Handed Bass Guitar

Sterling MusicMan Ray34 Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

The iconic StingRay bass continues to dominate stages and studios around the world. The no nonsense design, the tones from the 3-band preamp and pickup, the ash body and the familiar oval pickguard has supported the most important music of our generation. There is no denying the impact the StingRay bass has had on bassists and music in general.

Using the same materials and components as the original, the Ray34 pays respect to the StingRay legacy. Lightweight ash bodies, Music Man designed active 3-band preamp, Alnico magnet humbucking pickups, hard maple necks and heavy duty Music Man designed bridges and saddles.

Sterling Website

Much like the MusicMan website, the Sterling site has opted for a clean, but polished look and feel.  I’m often left feeling underwhelmed by the tiny, low resolution images many brands choose to provide on their sites, so it was great to see Sterling using some of the largest, highest quality images I have seen so far on a company website.

Left handed models are clearly displayed separately from the right handed counterparts, making it very easy to discover what is available.

For more information:
Sterling by MusicMan Website

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