What Do Lefty Guitarists Have In Common With Thor?

There’s a scene in the new Avengers movie (Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron) where all of the superheroes are relaxing in an apartment, sharing a few laughs, indulging in a few Chardonnays.

Thor plonks Mjölnir (his hammer, duh!) down onto the table. You know, the hammer that only those deemed worthy can wield? The hammer that bestows the power of Thor upon it’s owner? Yeah, that one.

A few of the cockier members of the team step up to try and lift the mighty weapon, believing Thor is telling porkies about its lore.

Iron Man fails. Captain America fails. War Machine fails.  They all fail.

Thor steps up and lifts the hammer as if it’s nothing.  He gloats –  “You’re all not worthy”.

Well that’s pretty much how I feel when I have friends over and spot them gingerly eyeing up my guitars. 99% of the time, I’m the only person in the room capable of wielding them.

They’re welcome to try of course. While I laugh in their faces…

The Avengers Thors Hammer Funny

Sooo… lefty guitarists are basically superheroes? Now I just need some sweet armor and a slightly effeminate red cape. Actually, forget the cape. Why do superheroes insist on wearing capes anyway? Where do you even get a cape? Weirdos.

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