Wicked Guitars Announce Special Lefty Skervesen Run

Wicked Guitars Skervesen Left Handed Run

Exciting news for Skervesen fans! Our friends over at Wicked Guitars are putting together a special left handed run of Skervesens!

Guitars available are Raptors, Shoggies and SkerveTENs – all in 6,7 and 8-string versions with both standard and multi-scale available.

The advantages to this run are plentiful. Build time should be quicker, and most importantly, the overall price will be lower than if you were to custom order the guitar yourself. I’m also assured by Bogumil at Skervesen that a top notch wood selection will be on offer for this special left handed run. As always, the guitars will be hand-built in Poland by Skervesen’s master-craftsmen.

Ordering Process:
1:) Deposit of 500 EUR (700 AUD, 530 USD) to reserve build spot.  Books will open 26th November.

2:) Once your deposit is paid you will have at least a couple of weeks to decide what spec options you want from all available. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and see examples before locking in your spec.

3) Payment Plans: Are being offered on all Skervesen Lefty builds over 6 months. You can select weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments whatever is easiest for you. Payment plans are interest free.

For more information:

I’ve provided some initial details at the bottom of the page, but here are a few links that you’ll want to visit if interested.

Skervesen Lefty Run Facebook Group – Join this private group for the latest info and to discuss the run.
Wicked Guitars Facebook Page – Follow their page for extra updates (plus loads of other awesome southpaw content!)
Skervesen Website – Read up on the guitars available in this run.

The information below is a copy/paste of the intro post on the Facebook page at the time of writing. Make sure to head over there for the latest details. You’ll also find prices in currencies other than Euros there.


Full Spec Options

Raptor: Bolt On (Matching Head stocks)
Shoggi Double Cut: Bolt On Headless
SkervTen: Neck Through Body Headless

All Multiscales:
Will have zero fret system. 0fret. Is a fret right after nut, made to make your 0 notes sound similar to your fretted notes, also it helps with low action and overall intonation.

Raptor Headstocks: Raptor, Viper, Still, 4AP
8 String Raptor will be 4AP only.

Scale Length:
6 String:
-25,5″ (6 String)
-25 – 26” Multiscale (250 Upcharge from 350)

7 String:
27″ (only for a 7 string)
-25,4″x 27 multiscale only €250 upcharge (from 350)

8 String Multiscale:
-26″x 28 multiscale only €250 upcharge (from 350)

Body Wood:
1) Swamp Ash
2) Mahogany
3) *Black Limba (Upcharge Option)

Top Wood:
– Poplar Burl
-Flamed Maple
– Elm
– Walnut
– *Exotic Option TBA (Upcharge)

Maple, Rosewood Santos, Wenge, *Ziricote (+70Eur), *Birdseye Maple (+70Eur)

1) Wenge-Bubinga
2) Maple-Wenge
3) * Ovankol-Wenge-Flame Maple (Upcharge Option)

-Bare Knuckle Pickups (any pickup combination in any finish!)
Multiscales will have Angled Pickups.

On Raptor only: *30 EUR for body, neck, head stock.
Or option for no binding.

-no binding (Natural Wood)

-no inlays
-offset dots
-offset (high/low) dots
-tangent curve dots

Inlay Material:
-Mother of Pearl
-Lumilays (green or blue)

-1x Vol (push-pull), 3-way, 1x Tone
-1x Vol, 3-way, WDMode (no upcharge! normally it’s €30)

World Domination Mod:
Features two 3-way switches. With one you choose a pickup and with the second you choose between humbucking/coil split/acoustic mod.

What is Skervesen’s World Domination Mod? Is a special electronic circuit available exclusively in our guitars. It contains high quality potentiometer(s) and two 3-way switches. With one you choose a pickup and with the second you choose between humbucking/coil split/acoustic mod. World Domination Mod is designed by Radek “Vicol” Wykocki.

Colour Stains:
1) 50 Hades Of Grey
2) Paranormal Activity (Blue/Green)
3) Shark Bait (Reverse Blue Burst)
4) Creeping Death (Green)
5) Diabolas (Red)
6) Purgatory (Trans black)
7) Polaris (Agathe Burst)
8) Natural
9) Custom Run Stain, up for a vote

Note: Elm will only be available as Green Stain, Walnut will only be available as natural finish.

Clear Coat Finish:
Front gloss €80 upcharge (from €100)
-satin backs and necks.

Pickup Configuration:
-HH (double humbucker)

Bridge Raptor:
-Hipshot (for regular scales)
-Hipshot Fanned (for multiscales)

Hardware Shoggi & Skervten
ABM High Quality.

-Hipshot locking

Hardware finish:
-black only

Security Locks:
-Dunlop FlushMount Straplock System

Side Dots:
-Luminlays (green or blue)

-24 Stainless Steel Jumbo levelled to 0.001 accuracy.

Premium Hiscox cases for Raptors.

Hiscox Premium Hardcase: So well built it can withstand 500KG. Very Tough, Lightweight, Impact/Puncture Resistant, Thermally Insulated, Bonded Inner Moulding for best possible structural rigidity and maximum protection of your precious instrument.

Custom Flight cases:
Shoggies and SkervTens

Warranty: Full Warranty Included
T-Shirt: We are considering a specialty shirt just for this run.

Pricing Information

Currency: Eur
6 String 1699 (Reduced from 1950)
7 String 1749 (Reduced from 2000)
8 String 1799 (Reduced from 2050)
*Prices are base model rates without upcharge extras

Shoggi DC
Currency: Eur
6 String 1799 (Reduced from 2050)
7 String 1850 (Reduced from 2100)
8 String 1899 (Reduced from 2150)
*Prices are base model rates without upcharge extras

Currency: Eur
6 String 2099 (Reduced from 2550)
7 String 2149 (Reduced from 2600)
8 String 2199 (Reduced from 2650)
*Prices are base model rates without upcharge extras

Raptor Multiscale
Currency: Eur
6 String 1949 (Reduced from 2300)
7 String 1999 (Reduced from 2350
8 String 2050 (Reduced from 2400)
*Prices are base model rates without upcharge extras

Shoggi Multiscale DC
Currency: Eur
6 String 2049 (Reduced from 2400)
7 String 2100 (Reduced from 2450)
8 String 2149 (Reduced from 2500)
*Prices are base model rates without upcharge extras

SkervTEN Multiscale
Currency: Eur
6 String 2349 (Reduced from 2850)
7 String 2399 (Reduced from 2900)
8 String 2449 (Reduced from 2950)
*Prices are base model rates without upcharge extras

Shipping: (Price in Eur)
Within Europe: 50.
To the US: 130.
To Asia: 150
To Australia: 170

Neal Author Bio
Neal has been playing guitar (left-handed!) for over 20 years, and has also worked in various roles within the guitar retail industry since 2012. In his spare time he loves to travel, ride bikes, and suck at videogames. More Info

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