EXCLUSIVE Special Run Lefty Guitars at XLG

Do you like guitars? Do you like hard-rocking guitars? Do you like limited edition hard-rocking guitars? Well you are going to love this post!

Our good friends over at Xtreme Lefty Guitars have recently been busy working their magic at Winter NAMM, sorting out some killer special run left handed guitars. I got in touch with David and he kindly supplied me with a list of everything he has in the works.

These are exclusive to XLG folks – you won’t find these anywhere else.  So if you spot something you’re interested in I’d suggest getting your ass in gear and sorting these good people out with a deposit before they’re all snapped up.


A Lambo orange Keith Merrow 7! Excuse me whilst I change my underwear… Also, take note guitar brands of the world…only one black model. (And if you ask me, that’s one too many.)

Special Run Left Handed Schecter Guitars

  1. Hellraiser Hybrid Avenger FR S
  2. Hellraiser C-1 FR Trans Purple
  3. Blackjack SLS C-1 FR S See Thru Blue Burst
  4. Ultra GT MWHT w/Black Stripe
  5. KM-7 Lambo Orange
  6. KM-7 Trans White
  7. Banshee 6 FR P FVSB (Vintage Sunburst)
  8. V-1 FR Blood Splatter
  9. V-1 Platinum SSV


Over half of this run is that old lefty favorite color, but damn that Gary Holt model sure is sexy with it’s striking red binding and pickups. And looky looky, a 7-string T-type! Did you also notice that EC-1000 has an EVERTUNE BRIDGE?

Special Run Left Handed ESP Guitars

  1. E-II M-I Black
  2. E-II M-II Urban Camo
  3. E-II TE Black
  5. LTD GH-600 Black with Red Pickups
  6. E-II Mystique STBC
  7. LTD EC-1000 Evertune Trans Black
  8. LTD EC-1000T DMZ CTM SW
  9. E-II Arrow Black


Special Run Left Handed Dean Guitars

  1. Dimebag Stealth Slime Green
  2. Custom II Zone Purple
  3. Custom II Zone Fluorescent Green
  4. Custom II Zone Black

BC Rich

No pretty pictures of these guys i’m afraid chaps – the BC Rich website is a horrible place for finding decent images. Here’s the list though!

  1. NJ Mockingbird Retro
  2. NJ BICH Retro
  3. Warlock Core
  4. Kerry King Tribal Warlock
  5. Chuck Schuldiner Stealth
  6. JR V Icon
  7. Draco White Flames


As if that little lot wasn’t enough…waitthere’s more! I don’t have a complete list of everything else, but drop David an email for the full scoop. Amongst others he has over 20 Jackson USA Custom Select Soloists, KV2s, Kellys, and Rhoads models coming, as well as several Pro Series Warwick basses and Framus guitars.

In the Pipeline

David is currently in talks with Washburn and Ibanez about getting some special run lefty guitars made. I started out on Ibanez as a kid and have a bit of a soft spot for them, so i’m super excited to see what these guys can come up with. Over the years I’ve drifted away from them due to a severe lack of any lefties aside from entry level models – so here’s hoping for some intermediate and higher end offerings. And please, for the love of God, no black…

For more information:
Contact Xtreme Lefty Guitars

Which of these are you most interested in?  What would you like to see XLG commission in the future? Leave a comment below!

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