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Agile is an affordable and wide ranging guitar brand which is available exclusively from RondoMusic in the USA. Although originally coming into the spotlight through their excellent single-cut style models, they have most recently gained a loyal fan-base due to their affordable 7, 8 and even 9-string guitars.

At the moment the Agile range only includes electric guitars and one acoustic, however RondoMusic does also have a couple of other budget in-house brands which offer extra choice.  For left handed players, RondoMusic is just a great place in general to go looking for some harder to find body shapes and niche guitars on a budget.

Left Handed Agile Guitars

Left Handed Agile Guitars

The range of left handed Agile guitars is constantly changing depending on what Rondo have in stock at a particular time, so it isn’t possible to include a full list of the guitars available.  The image above shows a few of the more popular left handed Agile guitars, but know that there are also many other styles available.

Visit the link at the bottom of the page to see the current stock of left handed Agile guitars. A good way to keep abreast of the latest additions is to visit the following link, where Rondo post all of the latest guitars to come in.

You can also follow the store on Twitter for timely updates.

B-Stock Agile Guitars

The company will occasionally post B-Stock guitars which usually only have very minor flaws.  Keep an eye out for these as bargains can be had!  Recently the company offered a whopping 50% discount on a lefty 7-string single-cut model due to a barely visible ding on one of the pickup cavities.

Semi-Custom Agile Guitars

Rondo also offer a semi-custom service where they allow you to order specific guitars made to your own specs.  The wait time is generally quite long (around 6-8 months), but this is a very affordable way to realise the guitar of your dreams. Where else can you get a custom made guitar for well under $1000?

Fancy a 7-string, fanned fret acoustic? Or maybe a baritone single-cut? Perhaps you just long for a slick shredder in a color other than black?

Head to to design your own custom axe.

Left Handed Fanned Fret Agile Pendulum Pro Guitar
8-String Agile Pendulum Pro Multiscale

RondoMusic Website

The RondoMusic website has left handed tabs at the top of each section, allowing you to easily find all of the available left handed Agile guitars – nice work!

For more information:
RondoMusic Website

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