60 Guitarist Biography Books You NEED To Read!

Best Famous Musician Biographies Books

A massive list of some of the best guitarist biographies, autobiographies, diaries and memoirs that EVERY musician should read before they die! How many of these have you read?

Review : Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs for Musicians

Best Vibes Earplugs Review

Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs reduce volume by up to 22db without sacrificing sound quality. Check out our review of these awesome, but inexpensive new earplugs and save your hearing!

Review: Uncommon Sound by John Engel

Uncommon Sound Book Review

Uncommon Sound : The Left Handed Guitar Players who Changed the World, written by John Engel is undeniably THE definitive study of the world of the left handed guitarist. These books should be on every serious guitar fanatic’s bookshelf!

Left Handed Guitar Picks by TimberTones

Timber Tones, those purveyors of all things exotic when it comes to guitar picks have just released a line of left handed plectrums – Lefty Tones!

Review : Gaskell Thunderbass

LeftyFretz forum regular Mike has kindly written an in-depth guest review of the Thunderbass bass guitar from Australia’s Gaskell Guitars. Find out what he thinks of Gaskell’s answer to the Gibson Thunderbird!