Why is Standard Guitar Tuning EADGBE?

Why Is Guitar Tuned EADGBE

Standard guitar tuning is EADGBE – but why? Discover why standard tuning makes sense, where it came from, and why other tunings are not used instead!

Left Handed Power Chord Lesson

Left Handed Fifth Chords

Easily learn how to play left handed power chords today with my free lesson specifically for lefty guitar players!

Interactive Left Handed Guitar Chord Diagrams

Beginner Left Handed Guitar Chords

Check out our interactive left handed chord chart for beginners, which will teach you a few of the most commonly used open chords…in a lefty friendly format!

Left Handed Guitar Chord Book

Left Handed Guitar Chord Book

We’re excited to launch a brand new product which is undoubtedly the most asked for update here on LeftyFretz. Energize your playing with our new e-book, which will teach you over 300 exciting new left handed chords!