Happy National Left Handed Day 2020

International Left Handed Day

Happy International Left Handed Day! Every year on August 13th we southpaws get our very own designated day to celebrate being left handed. This annual event is meant to help raise awareness of the troubles that left handed people experience with living in a right-hand centric world.

25 Amazing Facts About Left Handed People

Facts About Left Handed People

25 must-read facts about left handed people – from the scientific to the downright bizarre! Take a look through this fascinating list of trivia and see if you agree with all of the information.

Should I Learn Guitar Right or Left Handed?

So you want to take up learning guitar but you’re unsure if you should be playing right or left handed? Take a read through this article to hopefully find the answer to this tricky question!

9 Perfect Left Handed Gifts

Gifts For Lefties

Shopping for left handed gifts? Keep reading to discover my top 9 inexpensive gift ideas for left handed people.