Left Handed Guitar Stores Directory

Left Handed Guitar Stores Directory

A list of guitar stores that specialize in left handed guitars, as well as a few lefty friendly shops that offer a better than average selection of lefties.

The Guitar Acronym and Abbreviation List

Guitar Abbreviations and Acronyms

A comprehensive list of guitar related acronyms and abbreviations. Don’t know your FMT from your QMT? Then this is the article for you!

Left Handed Guitar Chord Book – Learn Over 300 Chords!

Left Handed Guitar Chord Book

Learn over 300 chords FAST, and in a lefty-friendly format with my Left Handed Guitar Chord eBook! There’s no longer any need to struggle with backwards charts designed with right handed players in mind!

7 Best Band Name Generator Apps

Best Band Name Generator

If you are struggling to come up with a unique name for your band then a random band name generator could be just what you need to help inspire some awesome titles!

2000+ FREE Guitar Jam Tracks & Backing Tracks!

Guitar Jam Tracks

A treasure trove of high-quality, free guitar jam tracks to practice your scales and improvisational skills. You’ll never want for guitar backing tracks again!