Epiphone Left Handed Guitars

Left Handed Epiphone Guitars

The full range of Epiphone left handed guitars & basses. There are 33 instruments in total, including Les Pauls, SGs, ES-335s and more. Check out the brand new Korina Explorer and Flying V models just announced!

PRS Left Handed Guitars

PRS Left Handed Guitars

PRS has announced a ton of new left handed guitars! Let’s take a look at the entire southpaw range.

Wylde Audio Left Handed Guitars

Left Handed Wylde Audio Guitar

Browse the range of Wylde Audio left handed guitars currently available. Pick from the Barbarian and Blood Eagle models!

Left Handed Kramer Guitars

Kramer Left Handed Guitars

Check out which left handed Kramer guitars are currently available. Choose from the SM-1 Figured. Baretta, Striker HSS, Pacer Classic, and Nightswan models!