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Dean : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Dean Left Handed Guitars

See the full current range of left handed Dean guitars and basses – including electric guitars, basses, acoustics, and models you won’t find anywhere else!

Danelectro Left Handed Guitars

Left Handed Danelectro Guitars

Check out the entire Danelectro left handed guitar and bass range. In total we have 5 different left handed Danelectro models available!

Are Left Handed People Evil?

Are Left Handed People Evil

Are left handed people evil? In the past people certainly seemed to think that lefties were devil worshippers or worse, but is this still the case?

Duesenberg : Left Handed Guitars

Duesenberg Left Handed Guitars

Check out the full selection of left handed Duesenberg guitars currently available. Pick from 4 incredible German engineered beauties!