Left Handed Guitar Chord Book – Learn Over 300 Chords!

Left Handed Guitar Chord Book

Learn over 300 chords FAST, and in a lefty-friendly format with my Left Handed Guitar Chord Book! There’s no longer any need to struggle with backward charts designed with right-handed players in mind!

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Left Handed Guitar Chord Book

The only left handed chord book written by a lefty guitarist for lefty guitarists (probably…)!

Sick of playing the same old tired chords over and over? Fed up with sounding exactly like everyone else? Or, perhaps you’re brand new to guitar and just want to get the basic chords under your fingers? 

This is the book for you!

Why Buy This E-Book?

  • LEFT HANDED FORMAT! Struggling with regular chord charts designed for right-handed players? Every diagram in this book is presented in a lefty-friendly format.
  • EASILY LEARN OVER 300 CHORDS! From basic major and minor chords to more advanced voicings – this book contains all of the must-know chords!
  • SCALEABLE DIAGRAMS! Print or display the chords as large as you’d like without losing image quality! Includes blank sheets for creating custom charts.
  • TAKE ME ANYWHERE! Handily presented in PDF format. Read on your computer, tablet, phone, television, or any other compatible devices.


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For All Guitarists

Whether your musical style favors rock, pop, blues, soul, jazz, funk, country, or classical, this handy take-anywhere book puts the techniques for making great guitar music at your fingertips. Set yourself on the road to becoming a true chord master.

Left Handed Chord Book PDF

Presented in a simple and easy-to-follow format designed specifically for left handed guitarists, this book includes over 300 left-handed guitar chords that will be sure to invigorate your playing.

I’ll start things off by teaching you how to actually read the diagrams, and follow that up with some basic theory to make sure you understand exactly what it is that you are playing. Beginners can then progress to quickly learning a selection of essential chords that you can use to play literally thousands of songs.

Once you’ve mastered these essential beginner diagrams, I’ll teach you hundreds more interesting and advanced chord voicings that you can use to supercharge your guitar playing.

From beginners to more advanced players, there is content for all abilities within this essential e-book.

Always With You

Your book will be delivered instantly as a PDF file via email. Read it on your computer, television, and tablet, or download to your phone and always have it handy!

The e-book can also easily be printed at home if you would prefer to have a hard copy available.

Suitable For All Digital Devices

Every single chord diagram has been painstakingly illustrated in a vector image format to ensure that the charts will look crisp no matter what device you are viewing it on. Because every diagram is infinitely scaleable, you are able to print or view all chords as large or as small as you’d like with perfect clarity.

At the end of the left handed guitar chord book PDF, you’ll also find blank diagrams that you can use to print out and create your own custom chord charts!

Left Handed Guitar Chords Ebook

There is no longer a need to struggle with back-to-front chord diagrams designed with right-handed players in mind. Pick up my e-book and see how everything finally falls into place!

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Customer Reviews

As a brand new player, I’m one of those people who really has a tough time trying to make sense of ‘regular’ chord charts designed for right handed guitarists. So this book has been an absolute godsend to me. No more holding charts up to a mirror!!!

Brian M. USA

Finally, everything has become clear! After 3 years of playing guitar I can honestly say that I only really knew around 10 basic chords. Having owned this book for just one week I’ve already mastered nearly 30 more (and counting!). So glad I picked it up.

DeAnna C. United Kingdom

The left-handed guitarist’s Bible! The PDF was delivered to my email inbox within seconds and is so simple to use and follow (which is great news for dummies like me!). Thanks Leftyfretz for this helpful book!

Lucas F. USA

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