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Alhambra Guitars was founded in a small town in Spain in 1965 where they made a name for themselves producing finely crafted acoustic guitars. Although mainly known for their Classical and Flamenco guitars, Alhambra also produce standard steel-string acoustic guitars as well as more specialised instruments such as Bandurrias.

But what is the situation for left handed players?  As with many companies who specialise in acoustic instruments, Alhambra produce all of their guitars in a left handed option, and in many cases these options are customizable.  However, as these niche left handed guitars tend to be difficult to come by in stores you will more than likely need to special order your new guitar.

The Alhambra website lists a whopping SEVENTY different guitar models, each of which is available left handed.  As there are so many to choose from I won’t list them all here, but I will suggest that you head over to the website to see for yourselves what you have to choose from.

Alhambra left handed acoustic flamenco classical guitars

The Alhambra range will please all levels of guitar players as they offer affordable guitars aimed at beginners as well as master crafted high end instruments for seasoned professionals.  With such an impressive and well-made range of what are essentially niche guitars, Alhambra are a solid choice for all left handed players.

Alhambra Website

The Alhambra website is definitely above average when it comes to being lefty friendly.  Each individual guitar page alerts you to the fact that it is also available in a left handed version.  There’s nothing on the site to let you know that this is the case, but it quickly becomes apparent when browsing through each model.  Two thumbs up! :)

For more information:
Alhambra Guitars Website

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