Blank Guitar Tab Sheets (Free & Printable)

Blank Guitar Tab Sheets

Looking for free printable blank guitar tab sheets? On this page, you’ll find my handy guitar tab paper to download in several different layouts.

It isn’t too hard to find blank tab sheets on the internet, but they all suffer from the same issue – thick black lines. The chunky and dark lines on these music charts make them so difficult to write on legibly. So, I decided to make my own!

The sheets below all feature thin and light orange lines which make the diagrams super-easy to write over clearly. If, for some reason, you don’t dig the orange colors, just make sure to print using only black ink to get a more subdued light grey instead.

The sheets are provided in an A4 size, but as they are in PDF format you can print them out as large or small as you’d like without losing any quality.

Finally, you can also download these PDFs with either 8, 10, or 12 rows of guitar tabs per sheet. It’s good to have options, right?

Blank Guitar Tab Sheets

Get your free download by either clicking on the images, or using the links below to save a copy of the blank tab PDF to your computer or other devices.

Blank Guitar Tab Sheet 8 rows
Guitar Tab Paper 10 Rows
Blank Tablature Sheets 12 Rows

Download Links

The diagrams become progressively smaller as we increase the number of rows. Pick the 8-row version for the most space to write on, or pick one of the higher numbers to be able to squeeze more notation onto each page!

Use these tab sheets to note down your latest masterpiece, work out your favorite artist’s new song, or for lessons if you are a guitar teacher.

guitar tab example

If there is an additional layout you would like to see, please get in touch and I will be happy to add more. You will find a link to the contact form in the footer at the bottom of this page.

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