Left Handed Cort Guitars

Wondering which left handed Cort guitars are currently available? Well, you’re in the right place!

Cort Guitars is one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world with over one million instruments built per year. They produce guitars under their own brand name, but also build instruments for a number of other companies in addition.

As far as lefties are concerned, the brand doesn’t have an incredible selection. However, if you are looking for an affordable electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, Cort does have a nice little range of southpaws available.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Does Cort Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! There are currently 9 different left handed Cort guitars available. This list is comprised of 3 electric guitars, 5 acoustics, and one bass. Most models are generally in the beginner to intermediate range and are all relatively affordable.

A Selection of Cort Left Handed Guitars
A Selection of Left Handed Cort Guitars

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Cort Left Handed Electric Guitars

There are currently 3 different Cort left handed electric guitars – let’s take a look!

Cort G110

The G110 is from the Cort G Series, a range of double-cutaway guitars that aim to combine vintage aesthetics and modern playability.

Left Handed Cort G110 Electric Guitar

This is the entry level model from the G Series and is available left handed in an ‘Open Pore Black’ finish with an awesome tortoiseshell scratchplate. These, combined with the white pickups and controls give this model a really classy vibe.

The main features include a lightweight poplar body, a smooth satin-finished maple neck, a jatoba fingerboard, a vintage-style tremolo, and a powerful humbucker combined with two single coil pickups.

For an affordable guitar, it is quite unusual to be offered a lefty guitar with an HSS pickup combo. The G110 would make an ideal beginner left handed electric guitar due to its low price thinner body, and excellent versatility.

  • Body : Poplar
  • Neck : Hard Maple w/ 22 Fret Jatoba Fretboard
  • Pickups : HSS Cort Powersound
  • Bridge : 6-Point Vintage Tremolo
  • Electronics : 1 Volume & 1 Tone
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

Cort G250

The left handed Cort G250 is also from the brand’s G-Series, and is a step up the ladder from the G110.

Left Handed Cort G250 Electric Guitar

Notable upgrades over the G110 include a beefier basswood body, a Wilkinson 2-point tremolo, Alnico pickups, and a push-pull tone knob to split the humbucker for a brighter tone.

Other main features include a hard maple neck, jatoba fingerboard, Pearloid scratchplate, premium D’Addario strings, and a beveled heel for improved access to the higher frets.

It is currently available as a lefty only in the black finish shown above.

  • Body : Basswood
  • Neck : Hard Maple w/ 22 Fret Jatoba Fretboard
  • Pickups : HSS Cort Alnico V
  • Bridge : 2-Point Wilkinson Tremolo
  • Electronics : 1 Volume & 1 Tone (With Coil-Tap)
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

Cort (Manson) MBM 2

The left handed Cort MBM 2 is an affordable take on Muse frontman Matt Bellamy’s signature guitar. Although you’ll spot the Manson logo on the headstock, the MBM 2 is actually produced under license by Cort.

Left Handed Cort MBM 2 Electric Guitar

This guitar is the next evolution of the MBM-1, having been further modified to more closely resemble the guitars Matt Bellamy uses.

Main features include specially-voiced Manson humbuckers, a soft ‘V’ neck profile, a 12-15.75″ compound radius fretboard, locking tuners, and an ergonomic body contour for comfort.

It is also one of the very few lefty guitars that come equipped with a killswitch as standard.

  • Body : Basswood
  • Neck : Hard Maple w/ 22 Fret Laurel Fretboard
  • Pickups : Manson Humbuckers
  • Bridge : Adjustable Bridge & Tailpiece
  • Controls : 1 Volume & 1 Tone, Killswitch
  • Tuners : Cort Locking

Left Handed Cort Acoustic Guitars

Cort AD810

The most affordable left handed Cort acoustic guitar is currently the AD810 from the brand’s Standard Series.

Left Handed Cort AD810 Acoustic

This dreadnought beauty is aimed squarely at new players, and would make an ideal beginner left handed acoustic guitar if you can find one!

Main features include the classic mahogany back and sides with spruce top combination, a smooth mahogany neck paired with a Merbau fingerboard, and a beautiful dovetail neck joint for improved resonance.

  • Body : Mahogany w/ Spruce Top
  • Neck : Mahogany w/ 20 Fret Merbau Fretboard
  • Bridge : Merbau
  • Electronics : None
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

Cort AD880CE

The flagship acoustic from the Standard Series is the AD880CE, which despite its status is still a very affordable guitar.

Left Handed Cort AD880CE Acoustic

Like the AD810 above, this model also features a spruce top with a mahogany back and sides, plus a mahogany neck and Merbau fingerboard.

New additions include a Venetian cutaway for improved upper fret access, Cort’s 3-band EQ with a handy built-in tuner, plus an improved bridge design for increased sustain and lower string tension.

The premium look of this guitar is further enhanced by the gorgeous tiger stripe rosette and purfling that adorns the body. The fingerboard is also bound for a higher-end aesthetic.

  • Body : Mahogany w/ Spruce Top
  • Neck : Mahogany w/ 20 Fret Merbau Fretboard
  • Bridge : Merbau
  • Electronics : Cort CE304T EQ w/ Tuner
  • Tuners : Die-Cast


The GA-MEDX is from the brand’s Grand Regal Series, a range that features guitars with a smaller Grand Auditorium body size.

Left Handed Cort GA-MEDX Acoustic

This body size sits between the larger dreadnought and the smaller concert size to provide a sound that is still full but with a little more balance. The slightly wider 45mm nut makes this model a fingerpicker’s dream axe.

Standout features include a Venetian cutaway, a fully bound body and neck, Cort’s 4-band EQ with tuner, and an improved scooped bridge design for increased resonance.

The main appointments are the mahogany body with spruce top, mahogany neck with Merbau fretboard, die-cast tuners, and an abalone rosette.

  • Body : Mahogany w/ Spruce Top
  • Neck : Mahogany w/ 20 Fret Merbau Fretboard
  • Bridge : Merbau
  • Electronics : Cort CE306T EQ w/ Tuner
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

Cort Earth 70

The Earth 70 Dreadnought is part of Cort’s Earth Series, a range of guitars that aims to pay homage to the great vintage acoustics that shaped the history of music.

Left Handed Cort Earth70 Acoustic

This is the first left handed Cort acoustic guitar in the list to feature a solid wood top. For those who don’t know, a solid wood top will resonate better than cheaper laminate options and should only sound better as it ages.

Check out my parts of the guitar guide for more information.

Further premium appointments include advanced scalloped x-bracing, Ovangkol bridge and fretboard, and a fully bound body.

The body back and sides are made from mahogany, paired with a solid spruce top. Plus a smooth mahogany neck and 20-fret Ovangkol fingerboard make playing the Earth 70 a breeze.

  • Body : Mahogany w/ Solid Spruce Top
  • Neck : Mahogany w/ 20 Fret Ovangkol Fretboard
  • Bridge : Ovangkol
  • Electronics : None
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

Cort MR710F

The final lefty acoustic from Cort’s current stable is the MR710F which resides within the brand’s MR Series. With this range, Cort aims to provide their highest quality guitars whilst still retaining an affordable price point.

Left Handed Cort MR710F

The MR710F sits toward the higher end of the MR series, and is the most expensive guitar currently available in terms of lefty acoustics. Although, it is still a very affordable instrument!

Main features include a mahogany body with a solid spruce top, a Venetian cutaway for excellent access to the higher frets, a strong and scratch-resistant finish, and a premium Fishman Presys 3-band EQ and tuner.

This quality acoustic also features a genuine bone nut and saddle for improved vibration transfer. Although the vegans amongst us may not be too keen on this addition!

  • Body : Mahogany w/ Solid Spruce Top
  • Neck : Mahogany w/ 20 Fret Ovangkol Fretboard
  • Bridge : Ovangkol
  • Electronics : Fishman Presys
  • Tuners : Die-Cast w/ Black Knobs

Left Handed Cort Bass Guitars

Cort Action Bass Plus

The action bass plus is currently the only left handed Cort bass guitar that is available. It is part of the brand’s affordable Action Series, and as such, should make an excellent beginner left handed bass guitar.

Left Handed Cort Action Bass Plus

Main features include a lightweight and ergonomic poplar body, a hard maple neck and 24-fret jatoba fingerboard, a PJ style pickup set, a 2-band active EQ for a wide tonal range, and chunky die-cast tuners.

The combination of a p-type pickup and a j-type pickup will ensure that this bass is super-versatile and able to handle nearly any genre of music with ease.

  • Body : Poplar
  • Neck : Hard Maple w/ 24 Fret Jatoba Fretboard
  • Pickups : Cort Powersound PJ Set
  • Bridge : Cort EB6
  • Electronics : 1 Volume & 1 Tone, 2-Band Active EQ
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

Cort Website

The Cort website is unfortunately not very lefty-friendly. There is no southpaw section or filter, which forces us to trawl through every guitar on the site in the slim hope that ‘left handed available’ appears at the very bottom of the specs list.

It’s a good thing I made this guide for you then, right?

For more information:
Cort Guitars Website

Cort Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Cort Guitars Made?

Depending on the model, Cort guitars are currently made in either the brand’s Chinese or Indonesian factories. Combined, both factories pump out over one million guitars every year!

Which Musicians Use Cort Guitars?

A number of guitarists use Cort guitars, including Ron Thal, Yvette Young, Gene Simmons, Hedras Ramos, and Neil Zaza to name a few. Frank Gambale and Jeff Berlin currently have their own signature Cort models.

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