Eastwood Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Wondering which left handed Eastwood guitars are currently available? Well, you’re in the right place!

Eastwood is a Canadian guitar brand, founded in 2001 by owner Michael Robinson. The company specializes in reviving incredible and unique guitar designs from rock history, and reinventing them for the 21st century.

However, unlike the guitars they are modeled after, these instruments are meant to be played and not just collected.

Does Eastwood Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing, the brand website lists a whopping 56 left handed Eastwood guitars and basses. In addition, Eastwood offers a few exotic lefties such as electric mandolins, resonators, and even a double-neck guitar/bass hybrid.

Left Handed Eastwood Guitars

Eastwood Left Handed Guitars
A small selection of Eastwood left handed guitars

Eastwood currently offers a huge range of weird and wonderful left handed guitars that you just won’t find anywhere else!

Guitars available include standard 6-string electrics, basses, baritones, resonators, mandolins, classic artist models, 4-string electric tenor guitars, and many, many more!

Each instrument is inspired by a classic guitar, with most being designs that us lefties would usually have to hit up custom shop luthiers to make. This is certainly the most unique collection of lefty guitars that you will currently find available!

Eastwood is (rightly) rather proud of its sizeable lefty range, and clearly displays the guitars on a separate left handed page. As a result, it is super-easy to find all of the current left handed models.

Since Eastwood has done all of the work for us there wouldn’t be much point in listing every single southpaw here. So, instead, I’ll just encourage you to head over to the brand’s website (link below), to see what is currently on offer.

Make sure to also check out the ‘Custom Projects’ link where you can see the guitars that Eastwood plans to release next.


Eastwood has also teamed up with Dennis Fano (Novo Guitars) to produce the Rivolta line of instruments. These are more affordable takes on the handbuilt creations from Novo, and are crafted in Korea.

Lefty Rivolta by Eastwood

At the time of writing, there are 5 different left handed Rivolta guitars available. Or, 8 if you count all of the different color variations.

Rivolta is one of the few brands that offer a lefty baritone model. Learn more about it in my guide to left handed baritone guitars.

Order Direct

Guitars can be ordered directly on the Eastwood website, cutting out any middlemen and helping to keep the overall cost of each instrument low.

The brand is aware that many players are hesitant about buying guitars before being able to give them a good test drive in a store.

So, to put you more at ease, Eastwood offers an incredible 45-day money-back guarantee.

Try the guitar out for up to 45 days, and if you’re not completely satisfied, send it back to Eastwood. They’ll refund your money (minus shipping costs) with no questions asked!

Trade-In For an Eastwood

Don’t have the cash for a new guitar? Eastwood also offers a ‘Guitar Swap’ service. Here, you can trade in one of your old guitars for a new Eastwood axe.

Simply fill in a quick form, and attach a few images of the guitar, and Eastwood will get back to you with an offer. You can even sell them your guitar for cash money if you’d prefer.

Eastwood Rewards Program

Eastwood also has a rather nifty loyalty program called ‘Guitcoin’ where you can earn points for every purchase on their website.

For every dollar spent you will earn 2 Guitcoin. You can then use your points to save up to a maximum of $250 on your next guitar. Alternatively, depending on your Guitcoin total, you can take 20% or 30% off your next order.

For More Information:
Eastwood Guitars Website


Where Are Eastwood Guitars Made?

Eastwood guitars are currently made in either Korea, Indonesia, or China, depending on the model. Before shipping to you, final inspections and guitar setups are carried out on the instruments at one of Eastwood’s facilities in the USA or UK.

Who Plays Eastwood Guitars?

A number of well-respected players have used an Eastwood guitar over the years. This list includes Pat Smear (Foo Fighters), Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Bootsy Collins, Corey Taylor (Slipknot), and Jack White (White Stripes) amongst many others. 

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