Help Us Improve LeftyFretz!


I’d love to ask you all a little favour if you can spare one minute of your time!

It’s a brand new year and i’m raring to go with the site, but I want to make sure that I am putting out content that you really want to see.

So I’ve put together a super quick, single question form where you can give me feedback and suggestions.

Maybe you’d like to see more beginner guides? Perhaps there is a specific guide or resource you would like me to create? Or you can just let me know how I can improve the site content as it is currently!

Please be as specific as you can if possible!

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Click here or hit the button below to open the form.

Thanks so much for your time! Look forward to using your suggestions throughout 2021!

If you cannot use the form please feel free to email me.