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GNG Guitars is based in Italy and specialises in building high-end electric guitars.  GNG markets their guitars as being for those guitarists who truly appreciate the minute and precious details.

The company offers a range of guitars, all of which are all fully customisable.  These guitars are truly exquisite and use only the finest of materials, so expect a price tag to match!

Left Handed GNG Guitars

If you have the cash to splash, GNG will make you any of their guitars in a left-handed version at no additional cost.  See the image below for a few samples from the GNG range.

GNG LEft-Handed Guitars Italy Lefty Morgoth

From left to right: Examples from the Morgoth Series, Brea Series, Signature Series, Fanned Series and Custom & Replica Series

Below is a brief run through of each GNG guitar series.  We’ve kept it brief as specs are likely to vary from customer to customer depending on what is required.  Take a look at the GNG website to see the full spec lists for each guitar.  Each of these guitars are available in 6, 7 or 8-string variations.

The Morgoth series features an aggressive and sophisticated design which is well suited for tearing up the fretboard.  Lightweight, comfortable and easy to play.

The Brea series from GNG employs a more modern and elegant design which strikes a balance between aesthetics and ergonomics.  This refined guitar is built with the most sophisticated design features and the best materials available.

The Signature series is comprised of guitars designed by GNG’s endorsing artists. All of these guitars are of course available to order for yourself.

Every guitar that GNG builds is also available as part of their Fanned series, which adds a multi-scale fretboard to the instrument.

The GNG Custom and Replica series is a custom service which offers a modern reinterpretation of guitars that have shaped the history of rock.  Own a classic guitar without the defects and enjoy the benefits of a modern boutique guitar.

GNG Website

The GNG website is written completely in Italian, with no English version in sight.  So you’ll probably need a browser with in-built translation software unless you speak the lingo!

For more information:
GNG Guitars Website

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