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Gordon Smith Guitars was founded in 1974 by Gordon Whitham and John Smith in Manchester, England and is the UK’s longest running electric guitar brand.  The company produces a small range of highly customisable guitars which are aimed at the working musician.

Each left handed Gordon Smith guitar is hand made in England with love, which is incredible when you consider the price point that these instruments occupy.

Some interesting facts about Gordon Smith for you! They were the first manufacturer to offer coil-tapped humbuckers, and they have also been rated top in a table for the use of sustainable woods in guitar construction!

Gordon Smith Left Handed Guitars

But what left handed Gordon Smith guitars are available? Let’s see…

Gordon Smith Left Handed Guitars

Gordon Smith is another very lefty friendly company with all of their guitars being available to order left handed, and at no additional cost!  Excellent! :)

The image below shows all of the models available from Gordon Smith, but extra finishes and other options are also available so be sure to take a look at their website to see exactly what is on offer.

Seriously, you can customise the hell out of each of these models, so don’t write one off based purely on looking at the photos above. On all of these guitars you can choose body and neck woods, pickup configurations, finish color, tuners, bridge type…the list goes on! You can even order any of these guitars as a 12-string!! Also keep in mind that most can be ordered as either a double-cut or as a single cut variation.

I’ve tried to give a brief summary of each model below.


Left Handed Gordon Smith GS1

The GS is the one that started it all, and is currently the most affordable of the Gordon Smith range. It is available as either a double cut or single cut version. There are 3 different models available – the GS1, GS1.5, and GS2. The only differences between the 3 models being that the GS1 includes only a single bridge pickup, and the GS2 has bridge plus neck. The GS1.5 is somewhere in the middle and features your choice of bridge pickup alongside a neck position singlecoil. A ton of different options are available to allow you to really put your own stamp on this guitar.

GS Deluxe

Left Handed Gordon Smith GS Deluxe

This model is very similar to the GS range above, albeit with the addition of a few premium upgrades. For example select your choice of figured veneer top, as well as body and neck binding. You can also choose to have a burst finish on the back of the body and neck. Another key difference is the lack of scratchplate for a cleaner, more modern aesthetic. A little extra money for a more premium guitar!


Left Handed Gordon Smith GS1000

The GS1000 is essentially a souped up version of the GS1. As with the GS1 it is available in both double cut and single cut formats, but the options available have been drastically cut down. This model is based on the GS1 thick body option and features mahogany back and sides, a Gotoh 510 bridge, metal knobs and a color matched headstock as standard. As with the GS1, the guitar is only available with a single bridge humbucker.

GS Semi Hollow

Left Handed Gordon Smith GS Semi Solid

You won’t be surprised to hear that this guitar is a semi-hollow version of the GS series, however unlike the GS, the semi-hollow is also available with a figured top.

Graf Standard

Left Handed Gordon Smith Graf

The Graf Standard instantly stands out in the Gordon Smith line-up thanks to its unique body shape. The company describes it as being small-bodied and lightweight, but with a powerful huge sound. It is available with either a standard or thinline body, and a huge number of other options are available to help you design your dream guitar.

Graf Deluxe

Left Handed Gordon Smith Graf Deluxe

This guitar is more or less the same as the Standard model above, albeit with the addition of a few optional premium upgrades. For example, choose from a plethora of highly figured top veneers, add a burst finish on the back, or pick from a variety of binding options. Like the GS Deluxe, this model also ditches the scratchplate for a cleaner, more modern look.

Classic T

Left Handed Gordon Smith Classic T

An instantly recognisable design which you can customise and completely make your own. It is available in both standard and thinline body styles, a variety of pickup combinations, and you can even choose figured tops and front and rear body binding for a bit of extra bling.  You can also ditch the scratchplate and the front control plate for a cleaner look.


Left Handed Gordon Smith T-Graf

The T-Graf gives you the body of the Graf and the pickup and control layout of the Classic T to give you the best of both worlds.


Left Handed Gordon Smith Guardian

The Guardian is a new and improved version of the now discontinued GS-90 which Gordon Smiths hopes will align more with the needs of the modern guitarist. It features a modern, thinner body with comfortable contours, a shorter than usual 24.625″ scale length, and fantastic upper fret access. It is available with similar choices to the GS range with the only difference between models being the pickup configuration. There are also premium upgrades such as burst finishes on the rear and AAA flamed maple fretboards.


Left Handed Gordon Smith Graduate

Available as both a single cutaway and double cutaway design, the Graduate is a stunning carved top beauty with a ton of customisable options.

Gordon Smith Guitars Website

The Gordon Smith website employs a clean and elegant design which works very well.  On each guitar page one of the first dropdown menus is the option to choose between right or left handed, so it’s very easy to pick and choose your dream left handed Gordon Smith guitar.

For more information:
Gordon Smith Guitars Website

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