2000+ FREE Guitar Jam Tracks & Backing Tracks!

Guitar Jam Tracks

Looking for a treasure trove of high-quality, free guitar jam tracks to practice your scales and improvisational skills? Well, you’ve found it!

In this article you’ll find a list of over 20 amazing sources of free guitar backing tracks, featuring literally thousands of incredible tracks spanning almost every musical genre that you could wish for.

Free Guitar Jam Tracks and Backing Tracks

I have split this list up into 3 different sections, sorting the tracks by source.

Firstly I have provided a variety of excellent backing track artists that you can follow on Spotify.

Next up we’ll look at some of the biggest and best YouTube channels that you can subscribe to.

And finally, I have also listed some excellent jam-track websites and search engines.

Let’s start off with Spotify…

Spotify Guitar Jam Tracks

Spotify is an excellent source of premium tracks, especially if you are a member of their Premium service which offers 320kbps sound quality.

The only downside is that I am not aware of an easy way to search for a specific style or genre from any one artist. A good practice is to favorite or create your own playlist once you do find the tracks that work for you.

On the plus side, having to really dig into an artist’s discography will probably expose you to some killer tracks that you would not have otherwise come across.

Here are a handful of my favorite artists for jam-along tracks.

Tom Bailey Backing Tracks

Tom Bailey Backing Tracks

Tom Bailey has been producing high-quality guitar backing tracks since 2018, with a whopping 80 albums released at the time of writing. That’s almost 1000 jam tracks to delve into!

The key of every song is in the title, and almost every genre you could hope for is here.

You’ll find everything from emotional piano ballads, to rap beats, to heavy metal tracks.

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Andertons TV

Andertons Backing Tracks

Andertons have their fingers in many pies these days, so it’s awesome to see that Captain Lee and friends are also helping out the guitar community with a series of premium backing track albums!

They release one album of tracks per year, and are at volume 6 at the time of writing.

So you’ve got 60 high-quality songs spanning various genres and styles to explore.

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Superior Jam Tracks

Superior Jam Tracks is another prolific backing track artist on Spotify, with 17 albums released currently. The channel releases new music every week, so there should always be some fresh tunes to jam along to.

The majority of songs here are definitely more chilled out in nature, for example, you’ll find a lot of ballads, relaxing grooves, and soulful jams.

Although there is one album of heavy rock tracks too!

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Jam’in Backing Tracks

Jam'in Backing Tracks

Jam’in is a relatively new channel, having only launched in 2020. This is a great page to follow as they release new tracks every week, giving you a constant source of fresh inspiration.

The quality of the tracks from Jam’in is super-high, and there are a ton of different genres to explore, including some very cool drumless backing tracks and a lot of epic, cinematic style tunes.

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Quist Backing Jam Tracks

Quist Backing Jam Tracks

Although he’s not quite as prolific as the other artists in this list, Quist has been going since 2012 so does have a fair few albums to his name!

Like Superior Jam Tracks above, he does seem to focus on more laid-back grooves and bluesy-style songs.

There is even a ‘sexy series’ of romantic backing tracks which would be ideal for Valentine’s Day jams.

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Nick Neblo

Nick Neblo

Nick Neblo is one of the bigger guitar track artists on Spotify, with almost 40 albums of songs available at the time of writing. His most popular tracks have more listens than many mainstream artists would receive!

Most styles and genres are present and accounted for, with albums full of everything from metal and hard rock, to funk, blues, acoustic jams, and even Latin-inspired Spanish guitar tracks.

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YouTube Guitar Jam Tracks

YouTube is probably the most popular source for jam-along tracks, so as you’d expect, this section is the biggest!

A great advantage to these video-based tracks is that the content creators can cram a lot of useful additional information into each song.

For example, many of these videos will overlay the chords being played in real-time, and also display several suggestions for which scales you might like to make use of.

There are thousands of incredible tracks in this section alone, so take the best of what you find below and make your own playlists for easy reference!

Elevated Jam Tracks

Elevated Jam Tracks

Elevated Jam Tracks is one of the biggest guitar backing track channels on YouTube, with over a quarter of a million subscribers at the time of writing.

A ton of effort is put into every track in terms of sound quality and video content. The chords used are displayed in real-time, and we are also treated to diagrams showing suggested scales to use.

Expect 2 to 3 new tracks every week!

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YT Jam Tracks

YouTube Guitar Backing Tracks

YT Jam Tracks is run by Mikee, a musician, and producer from the UK. I gave up trying to figure out how many tracks he has put out – trust me, there’s a ton of them!

Each track is available to download for a small fee, or you can of course listen on YouTube for free.

Every video shows the chords used in the track and also gives suggestions on which scales you might like to use.

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Jam'in Backing Tracks

Jam’in Backing Tracks has already made an appearance in the Spotify list above, but I’ve included them again here in case YouTube is more your thing. Expect all of the tracks on Spotify to also be found here.

The advantage the YouTube channel has is that the videos show the chords being played in real-time, a very handy additional perk!

Check out the playlist tab for separate guitar, bass, and drumless songs.

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Sebastien Zunino

Sebastien Zunino

Although his channel started out covering all things guitar, Sebastien has been almost exclusively pumping out quality backing tracks for the past 4 years. There are hundreds of videos to get stuck into covering pretty much every genre you could possibly need.

In his most recent videos, we can see him actually playing the backing track chords, accompanied with on-screen tablature.

All tracks are available to download on his Bandcamp page.

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Dix Music Studio

Dix Music

Dix Music is a newer channel that I managed to find, having only started producing jam tracks in May 2021. The music quality is ultra-high and they are currently pumping out a couple of new tracks every week.

They have a lot of different styles of music available, but tend to focus on jazz and funk.

I really liked that they occasionally put out backing tracks in the style of specific artists, for example, Eric Clapton, George Benson, and Amy Winehouse.

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Dopez Tracks

Dopez tracks

Dopez Tracks is another big guitar jam track channel that has been putting out videos since 2015. As you can imagine, this means that he has a ton of tracks available.

In each video, we can see the backing track being played. On-screen you will also see the current chord progression, current chord, and also the tuning and tempo.

The channel focuses mainly on rock and metal tracks.

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JamTrack Society

JamTrack Society

If Blues is your thing then JamTrack Society is going to be an absolute treasure trove of quality songs for you to dive into – as blues backing tracks is pretty much all they do!

A feature that you may or may not like is that for the first minute of each video the channel owner performs his own solo over the track.

The video is also overlaid with the current chord progression and a choice of scales that you might like to use.

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Sound Witch

Sound Witch

The Sound Witch channel hasn’t posted a new video in over a year, but there are still over 400 tracks available to choose from, encompassing a ton of different genres.

Check out the various playlists available which have sorted the tracks depending on playstyle.

A standout feature of this channel is that there are jam tracks specifically for bassists and drummers also available.

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Artmant Studios

Artmant Studios

Artmant Studios is another big jam track channel on YouTube, and regularly posts a couple of new videos per week. It also has plenty of tracks specifically for drummers and bassists to jam along to.

There are hundreds of videos available, so I’d recommend using the channel’s playlists to find what you need.

Here, videos are split up by genre, instrument, artist-style tracks, and more!

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Now YOU Shred

Now YOU Shred

As you can probably deduce from the name, this channel is aimed at guitar shredders and shred-wannabes! Although there is a ton of backing tracks in various genres available, these are interspersed with ‘shred tip’ videos to help with your improvisational skills.

There is plenty to chew on here if you are mainly into rock and blues style music, otherwise, you might find it difficult to uncover tracks that you like. A great place to work on your shred guitar chops!

Check out the channel’s playlists for a very well organized view of the videos available.

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Benjamin Harrison Music

Benjamin Harrison Music

Benjamin Harrison is an Australian musician, composer, and producer, and has been producing jam track videos on YouTube since way back in 2015. In total, he has over 300 very high-quality songs available.

Each track shows the chords being played in real-time, and you can also download the tracks on Ben’s website if you’d prefer.

In addition, the tracks can also be downloaded without bass, drums, or piano/keyboard.

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Online Jam Tracks

In this last section of the guide, we’ll take a look at a few good website-based jam along track sources.

A nice advantage here is that the songs are usually much better organized, so it is generally easier to find exactly what you need.

In addition, we are also usually able to download each track as an mp3 so that you can practice offline.

Note that for some of these sites, you may need to pay for downloads, but all are free to listen to online.


Truefire Jam Tracks

TrueFire is well known for their online guitar lessons, so as you’d expect, they also have plenty of improvisation aids. Check out the page at the link below which features over 200 free jamtracks.

The tracks can be arranged by genre, key, and even speed, making it very easy to quickly find a song that suits your needs.

If you’d prefer, you can also download the entire library for a fee.

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Wiki Loops

WikiLoops is a little different from most of the other entries on this list due to the fact that it is actually a jam track search engine! The quality can be a little hit or miss, but with almost 200,000 tracks to choose from you can’t really complain.

Search filters include genre, key, tempo, meter, and you can also search by keyword.

You can also choose which instruments to include (or exclude) from the results – very handy!

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Free JamTracks

If you’d prefer to download your jam-tracks for offline practice, then this site will be a great option for you. Check out the link below which features 83 songs that you can download completely for free.

The tracks are handily arranged by genre, although probably 50% of them are blues-based!

Explore the rest of the site for additional songs, or you can also subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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BackingTrack Brasil

This website is in Portuguese, but is still pretty easy to navigate if you only speak English. Find the enormous jamming tracks section at the link below.

The tracks can be filtered by both genre and key, and you can even search by BPM.

In addition, the site also has a ton of backing tracks for well-known songs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Practice With Jam Tracks?

In a nutshell…

  1. Find your jam track
  2. Determine the song’s key
  3. Figure out what chords are used in the tune
  4. Decide which scale will work with the track
  5. Play along!

That’s probably a little too simplistic for those of you who are just starting out.

So, here is an excellent video that explains in detail how to get the most from the tracks in this article.

Where Can I Find Backing Tracks For Guitar?

You can find guitar backing tracks and jam tracks all over the internet, but the most popular source is probably YouTube.

Simply type in the style of track you are after (and probably the key!) and you’ll most likely find hundreds of results.

Additional popular free sources include Spotify and other music streaming services.

Specialist sites also exist, but you will often have to pay for this content.

What Happened To GuitarBackingTrack.com?

GuitarBackingTrack.com was a popular jam track website for years, but was recently purchased and taken over by another company. Unfortunately, the website was subsequently taken offline and there are no current plans to relaunch the service.

Good thing I gave you a ton of new alternatives in this article then, eh?

Guitar Backing Track Sources Missing?

If you feel there’s a glaring omission from this list, please shoot me an email and I will be glad to add it.

You can find my contact form linked in the footer below.

More Useful Resources

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