Hagstrom : Left Handed Guitars & Basses 2013

Hagstrom are a Swedish guitar brand who had actually stopped production back in 1983.  However, their guitars became so collectable and highly sought after that they resumed production in 1996 to rave reviews.  The guitars are now produced in China and as such are very affordable.  They have a great selection of left handed models to boot!

In total there are 2 acoustic guitars, 5 basses and 25 electric guitars available left handed.  Finish options seem to vary depending on where you live, so contact your local dealer (or check out your regional Hagstrom website) to see exactly which options are available to you.

For the sake of keeping this article short I have simply provided a large list of each left handed guitar rather than a huge sprawling mass of specifications!  I’m sure you’re all savvy enough to source these guitars on the Hagstrom website if interested ;)

Hagstrom Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Hagstrom Left Handed Guitars and Bass Guitars


1. Siljan Dreadnought
2. Siljan Grand Auditorium CE


3. Beluga II
4. FXB220
5. HB-4
6. HB-8
7. Viking Bass

Electric Guitars

8. Deuce
9. Deuce – F
10. F20T
11. F200
12. F200P
13. HJ-500
14. HJ-600
15. HL-550
16. Super Swede
17. Select Super Swede
18. Select Super Swede Burl
19. Swede
20. Swede SE
21. Select Swede
22. Select Swede Burl
23. Swedie
24. Ultra Swede
25. Select Ultra Swede
26. Viking
27. Viking Deluxe
28. Viking II
29. Viking IIP
30. Viking P
31. Viking Rex-Tone
32. XL-5

Hagstrom Website

There is no left handed section on the Hagstrom website, however left handed finish options are clearly displayed on each model page where available.  The information in this article is correct according to the Hagstrom EU website.

For more information:
Hagstrom Guitars Website

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