Hamer : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Hamer Guitars was founded in 1973 by Jol Dantzig and Paul Hamer, and is based in the United States.  They are considered by many as being the first boutique guitar brand who catered specifically to professional musicians.

Hamer was acquired by Fender on December 31st 2007 and continue to concentrate on their range of high-end USA made guitars and basses.  Dantzig left the company in 2010 to build his own guitar company – Dantzig Guitars

Hamer Left Handed Guitars and Basses

So what do Hamer offer to the left handed guitarists and bassists of the world?  You can in fact order any of the models from the Hamer USA range in a left handed version upon request.  Guitars will need to be ordered through your dealer, however there is no extra charge for most of the range to be produced left handed.

Hamer Left Handed Guitar Bass USA Custom Lefty

Take a look at the Hamer website (link below) to see exactly what the USA range consists of.

Hamer Custom Shop

Hamer also has a custom shop based in the USA, so for a little extra expense you can take any of these USA models and put your own unique spin on them.

Hamer Website

The Hamer website makes no mention of left handed options anywhere.  This is particularly disappointing as I actually emailed Hamer 6 months ago about this, so they clearly haven’t taken this idea on board.  It would be a simple 2 minute fix to make a quick addition to their FAQ…

For more information:
Hamer Guitars Website

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