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Hufschmid Guitars is a one man business, run by artisan luthier Patrick Hufschmid in Switzerland since 1996. Patrick currently builds around eight entirely hand-crafted six and seven string guitars per year, in addition to offering his highly sought after plectrums.

If you are a passionate guitarist and can truly appreciate the work that goes into a hand-made instrument, then Hufschmid Guitars is likely to attract your attention. Each guitar is designed to showcase the natural beauty of the woods used and everything built is 100% eco-friendly. The quality goes way beyond the craftsmanship however – take a look at Patrick’s photography, his web presence, even his personalised packaging – all absolutely first class. So much effort is put into every aspect of the Hufschmid brand that you cannot help but to be impressed.

Left Handed Hufschmid Guitars

Sample of Hufschmid GuitarsUpdate July 2014: Unfortunately Patrick has recently informed me that he is no longer accepting orders for left handed guitars. While this is incredibly disappointing, he does still offer some of the most incredible guitar picks around…

Hufschmid Guitar Picks

A few years ago Patrick started to offer hand-made plectrums which are every bit as exquisite as his guitars. As far as plectrums go these are extravagant, but how cool is it to tell your friends that your pick was hand-crafted in the Swiss Alps? I’ve personally tried a few of these and can highly recommend them – the ideal gift for guitarist friends!

Patrick Hufschmid Guitar Picks

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Hufschmid Guitars Website

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Hufschmid Guitars Website

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