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Looking for a left handed Jackson guitar? Well, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, we will look at the entire range of lefty guitars that Jackson currently offers, plus we’ll also talk about where to find some awesome limited-run models that are only available at select retailers.

Left handed Jackson guitars aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, but we do have a small selection to choose from across a variety of price points. Hopefully, there’s enough on offer here for most players to find something they’ll like, but if not there’s always the Custom Shop!

Does Jackson Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing, there are 6 Jackson left handed guitars to choose from. Electric guitars are available in the JS, X, and Pro Series ranges with prices ranging from beginner to mid-range levels.

There are currently no left handed Jackson bass guitars available.

Left Handed Jackson Guitar

Left Handed Jackson Guitar Guide

1. Jackson Monarkh Left Handed

Jackson Left Handed Guitars

The left handed Jackson Monarkh is from the brand’s Pro Series, and is one of the latest additions to their southpaw stable. It is the perfect blend of aggressive tone and sublime playability and is the only single-cut lefty currently available.

With features such as Jackson’s Speed neck profile, a smooth compound-radius ebony fingerboard, and active Seymour Duncan Blackout humbuckers for aggressive tone, the Monarkh is a modern metal dream axe.

Unlike on most single-cut guitars where access to the higher frets isn’t always easy, Jackson’s contoured heel-cut ensures that this isn’t a problem on the Monarkh.

Other features include a mahogany body, a maple set-thru neck, an ultra-study graphite-reinforced neck, locking tuners, and a shorter 24.75″ scale length. These left handed Jackson guitars are only available in a black finish currently.

  • Body : Mahogany
  • Neck : Maple Set-Thru
  • Fretboard : 12″-16″ Ebony Compound Radius Ebony (24 Jumbo Frets)
  • Bridge : Jackson Tune-O-Matic Style
  • Pickups : Seymour Duncan Blackout AHB-1
  • Tuners : Jackson Locking

2. Jackson Soloist SLX Left Handed

Jackson Soloist SLX Left Handed

An awesome guitar shredding machine, the Soloist SLX is from the brand’s ‘X Series’. The X-Series aims to offer more affordable versions of Jackon’s most celebrated guitars.

This Jackson left handed guitar features a lightweight poplar body, a maple neck with a compound radius laurel fingerboard, metal-AF sharkfin inlays, and a Floyd Rose Special tremolo for all the dive-bombing runs you can muster.

Two Seymour Duncan-Designed high-output HB-103 humbuckers offer up plenty of epic tone that is absolutely ideal for rock and metal.

The left handed Jackson Soloist SLX is available left handed in a satin black finish only.

Check out the incredible demo video from the supremely talented Chris George below for a great overview of the Soloist SLX.

  • Body : Poplar
  • Neck : Maple Neck-Through-Body
  • Fretboard : 12″-16″ Compound Radius Laurel (24 Jumbo Frets)
  • Bridge : Floyd Rose Special Locking Tremolo
  • Pickups : Duncan Designed HB-103B & HB-103N
  • Tuners : Jackson Die-Cast

3. SL2L Pro Series Left Handed Jackson Soloist

Left Handed Jackson SL2L Soloist Pro Series

The Pro Series Soloist SL2L is currently the most high-end of the standard left handed Jackson guitars. Perfect for modern metal musicians, this guitar is built for speed and precision.

Standout features include a neck-through design that helps to provide epic sustain, a fast compound radius fingerboard, a genuine Floyd Rose double locking tremolo, and a buttery-smooth oil-finished maple neck.

On pickup duty, we have a pair of Seymour Duncan Distortion humbuckers for a balanced and versatile range of tones.

This left handed Jackson Soloist is available only in a metallic black finish

  • Body : Mahogany
  • Neck : Maple Neck-Thru
  • Fretboard : 12″-16″ Compound Radius Ebony (24 Jumbo Frets)
  • Bridge : Floyd Rose FRT-O5000
  • Pickups : Seymour Duncan TB-6 & SH-6N Distortion Humbuckers
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

4. Jackson JS32L Dinky DKA Left Handed

Jackson JS32L Dinky Left Handed Guitar

The JS32L stands out from the rest of the pack for being the only current left handed Jackson guitar which isn’t black! The JS Series forms the most affordably priced selection of guitars in this list, making them ideal left handed electric guitars for new players.

The main features include a lightweight poplar body, a maple neck with an amaranth compound radius fretboard, a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo system, and a pair of high-output Jackson humbuckers.

A high-performance shred and metal machine with huge tone for an incredibly low price! The JS32 Dinky DKA is available left handed only in the eye-catching Bright Blue finish shown above.

Check out the video below for a few sound samples from the JS32 DKA Jackson left handed guitar.

  • Body : Poplar
  • Neck : Maple Bolt-On
  • Fretboard : 12″-16″ Compound Radius Rosewood (24 Jumbo Frets)
  • Bridge : Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson Tremolo
  • Pickups : Jackson JE-10 Humbuckers
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

5. JS22L Dinky DKA

Jackson JS22L Dinky Left Handed

The JS22L is currently the lowest price left handed Jackson guitar available, making it a great first choice for budding southpaw shred guitarists. Experience that famous Jackson attitude without breaking the bank.

This model is essentially the same as the JS32L above, but has a more traditional 2-point tremolo rather than a locking Floyd Rose-style setup. So if you aren’t all about the dive-bombs and flutters, you can save a few dollars by opting for this model instead.

The main features include a comfortable and lightweight poplar body, a maple bolt-on neck with a 12-16″ radius amaranth fretboard, a pair of high-output Jackson humbuckers, and uber-metal sharkfin inlays.

This Jackson left handed electric guitar is available left handed in the most metal of all colors – black!

  • Body : Poplar
  • Neck : Maple Bolt-On
  • Fretboard : 12″-16″ Compound Radius Rosewood (24 Jumbo Frets)
  • Bridge : 2-Point Fulcrum Tremolo
  • Pickups : Jackson JE-10 Humbuckers
  • Tuners : Die-Cast

6. JS32L Left Handed Jackson Rhoads Guitar

Jackson JS32L Rhoads Left Handed

This left handed Jackson V is the Rhoads-style version of the JS32L Dinky above, essentially the same guitar but with the Randy Rhoads-style body shape. This ultra-pointy guitar just screams rock and metal – swift, deadly and affordable.

It features a lightweight poplar body, a bolt-n maple speed profile neck with a 24-fret amaranth fingerboard, two high-output Jackson humbuckers, and a Floyd Rose license double-locking tremolo system.

The 24 jumbo frets sit atop a 12-16″ compound radius fingerboard. This essentially means that the fretboard flattens out the further up you play for easier soloing.

This left handed Jackson Rhoads is available only in a satin gray finish.

  • Body : Poplar
  • Neck : Maple Bolt-On
  • Fretboard : 12″-16″ Compound Radius Rosewood (24 Jumbo Frets)
  • Bridge : Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson Tremolo
  • Pickups : Jackson JE-10 Humbuckers

Jackson Custom Shop

Of course, if you have the money to spend, there’s always the Jackson Custom Shop. Here, you can have any of their guitars built left handed and to your specifications.

The image below showcases a ton of custom shop left handed Jacksons, on display at Xtreme Lefty Guitars in Florida, USA.

Xtreme Lefty Guitars Jackson

If you’re thinking of speccing up a custom Jackson, why not try one of the many virtual guitar builders to get an idea of what color and hardware combinations you might like to opt for?

Limited Run Jacksons

Furthermore, a few stores may occasionally commission a small number of left handed Jackson guitars which aren’t usually available as standard.

For example, in addition to the models above, our friends over at Xtreme Lefty Guitars quite often have a handful of Jacksons that you won’t find anywhere else.

Jackson Website

Although there isn’t currently a left handed Jackson guitar section, the brand website does have a lefty filter option when browsing guitars. So it’s not too taxing to uncover what is currently available.

For more information:
Jackson Guitars Website

Jackson FAQ

Where Are Jackson Guitars Made?

Jackson MJ Series guitars are made in Japan, Pro Series are built in Mexico, the X Series is manufactured in Indonesia, and the budget JS Series comes from China. Custom Shop Jackson guitars are handmade in the USA.

Who Plays Jackson Guitars?

A number of well-known artists play Jackson guitars including Misha Mansoor, Chris Broderick, Adrian Smith, Mick Thomson, Jeff Loomis, Phil Collen, and Scott Ian amongst many others.

Left Handed Jackson Bass

Unfortunately, there are no left handed Jackson bass models currently available from the brand despite there being over 30 different right handed basses.

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