James Trussart : Left Handed Guitars & Basses

James Trussart Custom Guitars is based in Los Angeles, USA and produces easily some of the guitar world’s most striking and unique instruments. You see, James Trussart has truly broken the luthiery mould by choosing steel as the main building material for his guitars!

Trussarts are created with the aesthetics and feel of a vintage guitar, and the metal construction results in an instrument which is as unique in tone as it is in appearance.

No doubt you’re already intrigued by this company…but what about left handed James Trussart guitars? If you’re after a southpaw you’re in luck! Apart from their Resonator model, every guitar and bass is available left-handed – which at the time of writing is 12 electric guitars and one bass.

James Trussart Left Handed Guitars and Basses

James Trussart Left Handed Guitars

The image above shows a small selection of models available, but be sure to take a gander at the link below to check out the entire range. Keep in mind that Trussart is a custom company which means that you are going to have a bit of a wait if you are interested in one of these exquisite instruments.

If you have to have one right now, check out our friends over at LeftyGuitarsOnly.

Oh, and it’s pronounced Troo-sart ;)

James Trussart Website

The company website includes plenty of great images of every model and mentions the availability of left handed James Trussart guitars on each product page – great work!

For more information:
James Trussart Guitars Website

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