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Dean Zelinsky is a legendary guitar designer/builder and the founder of Dean Guitars which he formed in 1976.  In 2008, Zelinsky parted ways with Dean Guitars to form DBZ Guitars and served as company CEO.  He departed DBZ in February 2012 to form Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars citing he needs a company where he has 100% control.

Left Handed Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars

Left Handed Dean Zelinsky Guitars

From left to right: Tagliare Custom, Tagliare Standard, StrettaVita Custom, StrettaVita BT Custom, StrettaVita BT, Zenyatta Custom

The image above shows a selection of left handed models, however they are all available in a variety of different colors – hit up the DZPL website for full details!

Most Dean Zelinsky Private Label guitars are available left handed, with some being offered with the famous Z-Glide reduced friction neck. The Z-Glide guitar neck is achieved by precisely engraving a carefully tested pattern into the back of the neck which reduces surface area by 70% and putting a bit of air between you and your guitar…your hand only comes in contact with 30% of the neck.  The Z-Glide was also designed to trap moisture and sweat.  The result is an ultra fast neck with a consistent, silky-smooth feel.

Z-Glide Neck

Dean Zelinsky Private Label Website

The company website includes a special left-handed section which is really nice to see, however as is the case with many other brands – it needs to be kept updated!  At the time of writing the Zenyatta model is not listed in the left handed section, despite being available in a southpaw version.

DZPL has a store on their website which allows for purchasing direct from the company, however they also have a small number of worldwide dealers which you can find listed on their website. This new range of guitars is surprisingly affordable, with prices starting at around the $400 mark.

For more information:
Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars Website

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