Emerald Left Handed Carbon Fiber Guitars

Emerald Guitars is based in Ireland and specializes in building carbon fiber acoustic guitars and basses. With the company’s complicated molding procedure, every guitar is formed in its entirety in one process!

The great news for southpaw players is that the company has recently invested in molds for left-handed Emerald guitars. Let’s take a look at what is currently available…

What Are the Benefits of a Carbon Fiber Guitar?

Firstly, carbon fiber is very strong but also incredibly lightweight, and so should be very hard-wearing as well as easier on the back.

In addition, carbon fiber isn’t going to be affected so much by changes in humidity like traditional guitars are. This should result in a really stable instrument that holds its tuning well. You may even save a few bucks on regular guitar setups!

Left Handed Carbon Fiber Guitar

Consistency! Traditional acoustics can vary wildly in sound from one guitar to the next because every piece of wood is unique. Carbon fiber is a man-made material, so you can assume that every guitar will sound and play more or less the same.

Similarly, the sound of a wooden guitar will change as it ages, whereas a carbon fiber guitar will retain its tone for life.

Left Handed Emerald Guitars

The X-20 series is available in a variety of different configurations, styles, and colors. At the time of writing, the X20 model is currently available left-handed, in both 6 and 12-string configurations. The good news is that left handed Emerald guitars are available at no additional up-charge.

All Emerald guitars are made in Ireland at Emerald’s factory in Donegal.

Emerald X-20 Left Handed

Emerald X-20 Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

The dreadnought-sized X20 is Emerald’s most popular guitar model, so it’s unsurprising to see it amongst their southpaw stable.

In addition to having some stunning aesthetics, the X-20 also features many innovative design elements aimed at improving overall ergonomics and sound. For example, the unique offset soundhole allows the player to hear the tone of the guitar much better than a traditional soundhole would allow.

A forearm bevel adds comfort for the picking arm, and an additional cutaway bevel affords improved access to the upper frets.

The guitar also features asymmetrical back contours for added comfort when sitting down.

  • Weight : 5lbs (2.25kg)
  • Frets : 24 Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel
  • Tuners : Gotoh 510
  • Bridge : Pinless Carbon Bridge
  • Pickup : Optional LR-Baggs Element or Ghost Piezo
  • Case : Hiscox Hard Case

Emerald X-20 12-String Left Handed

Emerald X-20 Left Handed 12-String Acoustic Guitar

If you’ve read my guide to guitar humidity and temperature, you’ll know that 12-strings in particular are particularly susceptible to the elements. This is largely due to the additional forces placed on the guitar thanks to the extra strings.

So a big advantage of the emerald 12-string is that its carbon fiber construction should be far more stable when compared to its traditional wooden cousins.

Find out more about left-handed 12-string guitars.

  • Weight : 5.7lbs (2.6kg)
  • Frets : 24 Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel
  • Tuners : Gotoh 510
  • Bridge : Pinless Carbon Bridge
  • Pickup : Optional LR-Baggs Element
  • Case : Hiscox Hard Case

Emerald Configurator

Now we know which models are available left handed – but how do you actually get your hands on one?

Well, the best option is going to be Emerald’s amazing virtual guitar builder. This is one of the most impressive guitar configurators I’ve come across – it’s pretty much on a par with many video game character customizers!

Simply choose your model, and then select the options you’d like to build your dream custom guitar.

If interested in ordering your own left handed Emerald guitar, check out the link below! We can choose from the type and color of carbon, if we’d like an optional wood veneer, the type of bridge, electronics, inlays, hardware color, and even the strap!

Go to town and see what you can come up with. When creating a guitar you can zoom in and spin the guitar around to get an idea of what it will look like from every angle.

Emerald Guitar Configurator

For more information:
Emerald Guitars Website

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