PRS SE Custom 24 Stealth Satin Quilt Limited Edition Lefty

We all knew that if PRS ever released left handed SE Custom 24s they would sell like hotcakes. Southpaws have been screaming out for SEs for years, and it would seem that when PRS finally released them earlier this year you bought them in droves!

We certainly struggled to keep them in stock at work!

And it would seem that PRS noticed their popularity too, because they’re releasing another one!

PRS SE Custom 24 Satin Quilt Stealth Limited Edition Left Handed Guitar

Left Handed PRS SE Custom 24 Stealth Satin Quilt

PRS have today announced a new series of limited edition SE Satin Quilt ‘Stealth’ guitars, all of which feature a beautiful satin quilt top and ebony fingerboard (so no CITES restrictions here!).

One of this series is a new left handed SE Custom 24, which brings the total number of PRS SE lefties up to a respectable 5.

This new guitar will be the same as the other lefty SE Custom 24s, but with the following changes:

  • Hand-Rubbed Faded Grey-Black Quilt Top w/ Satin Finish
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Satin Black Back and Neck

As these models are limited edition, it is advisable to get your order in quick to avoid disappointment. These guitars are already available in select stores!

For more information:
PRS Guitars Website

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