Left Handed Reverend Guitars

Wondering which left handed Reverend guitars and basses are currently available? You’re in the right place!

Reverend Guitars is an American guitar company, founded in 1996 by guitar and amp technician Joe Naylor. The company is widely known for their unconventional construction methods and retro-inspired designs.

They usually only offer four or five left-handed Reverend guitars at a time, but we do get new models each year which is really nice to see and helps to keep things fresh and exciting.

Occasionally the brand also offers limited edition models which are exclusive to specific stores. For example, the (gorgeous!) pink Jetstream 390 which is featured below is exclusive to Merchant City Music in the UK.

Does Reverend Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing four left handed Reverend guitars are available, all solid-body electrics. This year Reverend is offering the Double Agent OG, Double Agent W, Jetstream 390, and Six Gun HPP models as lefty versions.

Unfortunately, the brand does not currently offer left handed Reverend bass models.

Left Handed Reverend Guitars

Left Handed Reverend Guitars

From left to right: Jetstream 390, Double Agent OG (Outfield Ivy), Six Gun HPP, Double Agent OG (Metallic Alpine), Double Agent W

All of these left handed Reverend guitars feature Korina bodies, a signature characteristic on Reverend instruments since 2007. Korina (also known as white limba) is a relatively lightweight wood and is highly sought after for its excellent resonance and consistent weight. The resonant nature of Korina contributes to guitars which generally have a lively, responsive tone that is rich in harmonics.

All Reverend guitars also utilize a ‘Boneite‘ nut. This synthetic bone nut is claimed to be more consistent than traditional bone nuts, and also increases tuning stability by reducing friction.

In addition, they feature Reverend’s own in-house custom pickups, which are specifically designed and voiced to perfectly complement each individual instrument. I’ve tried to include a video link for each guitar so that you can hear each model in action.

JetStream 390

Left Handed Reverend Jetstream 390

Bursting with vintage charm, the left handed Reverend JetStream 390 is a full-fat, bluesy tone machine with the power to cut right through the mix. Equally at home with either distorted or clean tones with a ton of different options in between.

  • Body : Korina
  • Neck : Roasted Maple
  • Fretboard : Roasted Maple 22 Fret
  • Pickups : Reverend 9A5
  • Bridge : Wilkinson Tremolo
  • Colors : Foam Shrimp Pink

Check out the demonstration video below to hear the Jetstream 390 in action.

Six Gun HPP

Left Handed Reverend Six Gun HPP

The left handed Reverend Six Gun HP is the latest southpaw model from the brand. It’s available in a beautiful ‘chronic blue’ finish and is bursting with vintage vibe.

It features a humbucker in the bridge position for tons of growl, and pairs that with a couple of P90s for those times you need a cleaner, brighter tone. The best of both worlds!

  • Body : Korina
  • Neck : Roasted Maple
  • Fretboard : Pau Ferro or Roasted Maple 22 Fret
  • Pickups : Reverend HA5 and 9A5
  • Bridge : Wilkinson Tremolo
  • Colors : Chronic Blue

Below you’ll find Reverend’s recent video which shows off what this new model can do!

Double Agent W

Left Handed Reverend Double Agent W

The Double Agent W pairs the power of a bridge humbucker with the sweeter tone of a P90 in the neck, and adds a Wilkinson tremolo for extra versatility.

  • Body : Korina
  • Neck : Roasted Maple
  • Fretboard : Roasted Maple 22 Fret
  • Pickups : Reverend HA5 and 9A5
  • Bridge : Wilkinson Tremolo
  • Colors : Midnight Black

See and hear the Double Agent W in the demonstration video below.

Double Agent OG

Left Handed Reverend Double Agent OG

The Double Agent OG pairs the power of a bridge humbucker with the sweeter tone of a P90 in the neck, which when combined gives a unique depth-meets-twang vibe!

Reverend’s bass contour control allows you to tighten up the lower-end, or give the bridge humbucker a sound closer to a single-coil pickup. Completely change the tone of the guitar in just one quick turn!

Left Handed Reverend Double Agent OG Left Handed Black

For 2022 Reverend has also introduced the Double Agent OG in the above Outfield Ivy finish.

  • Body : Korina
  • Neck : Roasted Maple
  • Fretboard : Roasted Maple 22 Fret
  • Pickups : Reverend HA5 Bridge & 9A5 Neck
  • Bridge : TOM with Stoptail
  • Colors : Metallic Alpine or Outfield Ivy

Here’s an excellent demonstration video that will show you some of the sounds that the Double Agent OG is capable of!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Reverend Guitars Made?

Reverend guitars are currently manufactured in Korea, with all models receiving a final quality check and set up at the brand’s Ohio, USA headquarters before being shipped to retailers.

Are Reverend Guitars Any Good?

Reverend guitars are well made, and reasonably priced instruments. The company has a relatively small stable of guitars which allows them to focus on keeping the quality high, and this is reflected in their numerous awards and favorable player reviews.

Who Plays Reverend Guitars?

Reverend currently has a number of artists on their roster, many of whom have their own signature models. Well-known artists who play Reverend guitars include Billy Corgan, Reeves Gabrels, Robin Finck, Greg Koch, and Mike Watt.

Reverend Website

Reverend recently revamped their website and this has made it slightly more difficult to find the left handed models. Where there used to be a clearly defined left-handed section, the southpaw models are now mixed in with their right-handed brethren. Not to fret though as they’re still pretty easy to spot!

There is also a left handed filter that you can use to find the left handed models. When browsing guitars, hit the ‘specs’ menu item and you’ll find a ‘lefty’ filter in the dropdown menu.

For more information:
Reverend Guitars Website

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