LeftyGuitarsOnly – New USA Based Left-Handed Guitar Store

LeftyGuitarsOnly is a new left-handed guitar store located in Boston, USA.  After having spoken with the owner several months back I could swear that I had told you lovely people about this new company, but alas, I apparently have not! Let’s rectify that…

So perhaps you’ve heard of them by now, but in case you haven’t – LeftyGuitarsOnly is a new store which specializes in high-end left-handed acoustic and electric guitars.  In fact, many an average joe guitarist probably won’t have heard of a few of the highly sought after brands which the store stocks.  They really do have some exquisite pieces for sale which would almost certainly usually be a special order with a hefty waiting period attached.

All guitars are accompanied by some truly beautiful photography which really shows off each piece in its full glory. The store also stocks a small selection of amps, effects and accessories.

Lefty Guitars Only Left Handed Store

A useful feature of the website is a section which displays the guitars that are currently on order and should be arriving soon, as well as guitars which have just recently arrived.

Definitely give them a look if you’re hoping for something a little more exotic as your next guitar! Their showroom is open 10am-6pm Monday to Friday.

For more information:
Lefty Guitars Only Website

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