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Martin Guitars are a USA guitar brand established in 1883 by Christian Frederick Martin.  Although Martin are mostly known for their highly regarded steel-string acoustic guitars, they have also produced several models of electric guitars and basses over the years.

But what about left handed models I hear you ask?  Even though I’m well aware of Martin’s southpaw friendly business model, I decided to ask them…just in case. Here is the response I received in return:

“As a lefty player myself I’m happy to tell you we are currently building lefty versions of all of our models”

That’s right folks – every single guitar is available lefty – and with zero upcharge! How many other big name guitar brands can say that?  And the customer representative I spoke to was even a southpaw himself.  There really is little point in listing all of the available guitars, so all that’s left to do is to head over to the Martin website and see if anything takes your fancy! ;) Unless you have a fantastic local guitar store with a large selection you’ll more than likely need to special order one, but it’s great that the option is there for us!

Martin Left Handed Acoustic Guitars Lefty

The image above shows a small selection of Martin’s guitars, but be sure to head to their website to view the full range.

Martin Guitars Website

The Martin website doesn’t have a left handed section – because it doesn’t need one.  But just in case you aren’t familiar with Martin’s lefty friendly stance, the spec list on every individual model page does say “Available left-handed at no additional charge“.  Nice work Martin!

For more information:
Martin Guitars Website

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Neal has been playing guitar (left-handed!) for over 20 years, and has also worked in various roles within the guitar retail industry since 2012. In his spare time he loves to travel, ride bikes, and suck at videogames. More Info

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