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Moniker Guitars is a relatively new guitar company founded in 2011 in Texas, USA. The brand is a little different to most in that they provide you with a blank canvas with which to design your dream guitar using their website based guitar builder.

UPDATE: Moniker has now sadly closed its doors. However, you may still be able to find guitars on the used market. Plus you can still find 1000s of other left handed guitars in our database – find a link at the bottom of this page!

Moniker currently offers four different left handed guitar models, with each model being heavily customizable. The website incorporates its own ‘Guitar Builder’ software which allows customization of many different design elements, including finish color, hardware color, custom graphics, text and many others. After choosing all of your options you have a mock-up showing what your finished guitar will look like – very cool!

Moniker Guitar Builder

Limited custom graphics are available, but they will allow you to use your own artwork which is a very nice touch! And looking at the finished examples in their gallery it would seem that extra options are available on top of what is offered in the guitar builder.

Moniker Left Handed Guitars

Moniker Left Handed Guitars

From left to right: Dixie Solid, Dixie Semi-Hollow, Reesdale Solid, Reesdale Semi-Hollow, Zuma

The models shown above are some quick examples that I came up with myself – be sure to visit the Moniker website and have a play around to see exactly what options are available. I’ve left the headstocks logo-free, but you can opt to use the Moniker logo or even create your own!

So… lefties, what’s the deal? The guitar builder doesn’t currently support left handed designs, but all you need to do is drop the company an email after ordering to request a southpaw build. They are currently checking if the Bigsbys are available for lefties, but everything else on offer shouldn’t be a problem. And best of all, i’m informed that there is no upcharge for left handed models!

The current turnaround time is a mere 4 weeks and prices start at $949 USD.

NEW! Custom Guitar Cases

All guitars now come with a free hardcase, which in keeping with the company’s business design is customizable by you – although if you choose to customise it will cost a little extra. Slap your name, or your band logo on there for the ultimate personalised guitar experience!

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