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Overwater Basses is a UK based brand founded and owned by renowned luthier Chris May.  The company specialises in making high-end custom bass guitars, but has also recently introduced a more affordable range of basses after teaming up with Tanglewood Guitars.

Overwater is primarily a custom shop company, so keep in mind that all of the guitars listed below can be specced to your exacting needs. Let’s take a look…

Overwater Left Handed Bass Guitars

Overwater Left Handed Bass Guitars Lefty

The good news is that all Overwater bass guitars are available to order left handed, and usually at no additional cost!

The Progress is Overwater’s flagship bass and is available in 4 up to 7 string versions, and in a selection of scale lengths from 32″ to 38″.  This neck through bass combines access, balance and great playability with crystal clear tone clarity and visual appeal.

A choice of ebony or rosewood fretboards are available as standard and come equipped with Overwater’s own hardware.  A selection of sycamore, walnut, mahogany and ash tone woods are available.

Overwater’s Evolution series is made for bassists who favor the tone and feel of a bolt-on neck guitar.  They are similar in body styling to the Progress series but have a slighter, sleeker profile.

A choice of 4,5 and 6 string variations are available with an option of 34″ or 35″ scale lengths.  A selection of sycamore, walnut, mahogany, tulipwood and swamp ash tone woods are offered.

The Overwater Perception is a smaller, lighter and more curvaceous version of the Evolution.  It features an ash, walnut or mahogany body coupled with a premium maple top and 3-piece maple neck.

The Expression is Overwater’s semi-acoustic bass design and features a solid spruce top coupled with a cocobolo bound mahogany body.  It comes with a maple/walnut neck as standard, but maple/mahogany options are also available.  It is available fretted or fretless and in 4, 5 or 6 string variations.

J Series
The J Series is Overwaters take on the more traditional bass guitar design, which combines classic looks with modern build quality.  They are available as 4 or 5 string versions and with a 34″ or 35″ sale length.

Scott Devine Signature
The Scott Devine signature bass is Overwater’s first artist designed bass, built in collaboration with UK session ace Scott Devine.  It features an American ash body coupled with a European walnut top and 3-piece wenge neck.

The Inspiration Series is a new range of basses from Overwater which are designed to fit in between the full custom shop basses listed above and the more affordable range of basses below. They are available as 4 or 5 string versions and with a 34″ or 35″ sale length.

Overwater by Tanglewood
Overwater introduced this more affordable series after teaming up with Tanglewood Guitars, also in the UK.  Limited versions of these mass produced bassists may be available left handed.

Overwater Website

The Overwater website employs a clean, elegant design and features plenty of high quality images of each guitar. Their FAQ page mentions the availability of left handed models, which is great to see!

For more information:
Overwater Bass Guitars Website

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