Patrick James Eggle Left Handed Guitars

Wondering which left handed Patrick James Eggle guitars are currently available? Well, you’re in the right place!

Patrick James Eggle Guitars is a UK-based company that specialises in handcrafted, boutique electric guitars. These premium instruments are all designed and built in England from where they are shipped to guitarists from all corners of the globe.

The brand sources the lightest, most resonant exotic tonewoods, and combines them with premium hardware, ultra-thin finishes, and hand-wound pickups. The resulting instruments are some of the finest you are likely to come across.

Patrick James Eggle has been referred to as ‘British guitar-making royalty’. If you can afford one of these masterpieces you’re certainly unlikely to be disappointed.

Left Handed Patrick James Eggle Guitars

At present, the entirety of the Patrick James Eggle range is available to order left handed. Even better, left-handed Patrick James Eggle guitars incur no additional upcharge. Excellent!

Left Handed Patrick James Eggle Guitars

The image above shows a small selection of guitars available from the brand. Please head over to their website (link below) to browse the full selection.

At the time of writing, the brand offers 3 different guitar designs which are available in a variety of different flavors.

The Macon Series is the company’s single-cut offering and can be ordered in a range of different specifications from their workhorse ‘Junior’ model up to their flagship ‘Carved Top’ guitar.

The Oz Series is Patrick James Eggle’s take on the classic Telecaster design. This model can be ordered in the traditional style, with an upgraded figured maple top, or as a carved top model also with a maple cap.

Finally, the 96 Series is the brand’s modern vision for the iconic Stratocaster. Like the Oz Series, these models are available in 3 different iterations depending on your preference.

In addition, the is a selection of Artist Series models with guitars tailored for endorsing players.

If you head over to the Patrick James Eggle website you’ll find the full details plus links to order forms that will show you which options can be customized.

I spoke with a representative from the company who informed me that build times are roughly 6 months at present.

For more information:
Patrick James Eggle Guitars Website


Where Are Patrick James Eggle Guitars Made?

All Patrick James Eggle guitars are currently handcrafted in the brand’s workshop located in Shropshire, UK.

Who Plays Patrick James Eggle Guitars?

A number of artists currently have their own signature guitar with the brand, including Chris Buck and Graham Coxon. In addition, a number of well-known players have used Patrick James Eggle instruments such as Tony Iommi, Brian May, Midge Ure, and many more.

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