Peerless : Left Handed Guitars

Peerless Guitars was established in 1970. Since then they have built quality archtop and acoustic guitars for world-renowned top brands such as Gretsch, Epiphone, Alvarez and many others with high standards of quality. The Peerless factory is currently located in an area called Gimhae within Korea.

Peerless specialise in acoustic and hollow-body electric guitars and basses at affordable and up to mid-range price points. See their website below to view the entire range.

Peerless Left Handed Guitars

The good news for southpaw players is that every single one of the guitars comprising the Peerless catalogue is available to order left handed.  The chance of finding one in stock in your local store is pretty slim, but any Peerless dealer should be able to special order a lefty model for you.

Peerless Left Handed Guitar Bass

The image above shows a small selection of the current Peerless catalogue, but please visit their website to view the full range.

Peerless Website

For more information:
Peerless Guitars Website

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