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Prestige Guitars are a relatively new company, having only been launched back in 2003.  They are based in Vancouver, Canada and produce some absolutely fantastic looking hand-crafted electric and acoustic guitars.

Until recently, Prestige only produced 2 or 3 of their guitars in a left handed version.  But the good news is that as of 2015, all current Prestige guitars are now available left handed! Great news!

The turn-around time will be roughly 120 days for the build, and unfortunately there is a small upcharge of $200 for a southpaw model. But as with companies like Schecter, I’d much rather a larger, more expensive selection, than a smaller choice at right handed prices.

Left Handed Prestige Guitars

Left Handed Prestige Guitars
A Selection of Left Handed Prestige Guitars

The image above shows a small selection of the Prestige range – which currently sits at 26 guitars in total. Please visit the Prestige website (link below) to check out the entire selection. As is mentioned above, everything current that you see on their site is available left handed.

Prestige Guitars Website

The Prestige website is very easy to navigate, and features some fantastic images of each guitar.  At the time of writing there is unfortunately no mention at all of left handed availability. However I am told by a company representative that a site update is in the works which will promote the expanded left handed options. Excellent!

For more information:
Prestige Guitars Website

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