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PureSalem is a relatively new guitar company based in Florida, USA. They offer a good variety of guitars which are an eclectic mix of both traditional and retro designs.

The company is owned by a fellow southpaw player who is obviously well aware of the lack of lefty options offered by many of the bigger name brands. As a result, all PureSalem guitars are available left handed at no additional charge.

And unlike with many other companies, that doesn’t just mean that each model is available in black alone. PureSalem is a really vibrant brand, with each of the guitars being available in usually a choice of three eye-catching colors.

Left Handed PureSalem Guitars

Left Handed PureSalem Guitars

Specifications: At the time of writing we can choose from 9 different left handed PureSalem guitars, with each being available in a variety of colors. Check out the main features of these guitars using the tabs below. Or head to the PureSalem website (link at bottom of page) for comprehensive specs.

SalemFuzz Guitar Pedals

PureSalem has also recently begun to dabble in the world of guitar pedals under the guise of ‘SalemFuzz’. The company has teamed up with 323 Effects to produce a trio of high-quality, limited edition fuzz pedals. All pedals are hand-built within the USA using quality components, and being limited edition (only 12 to 25 of each are being made), they are sure to become collector’s items.

Salem Fuzz Guitar Pedals Review


PureSalem Guitars Website

All PureSalem guitars can be ordered directly from the company website, with left handed options being available from a dropdown menu. The company also has a handful of dealers located in the USA and Mexico.

For more information:
PureSalem Guitars Website

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