Review : Slick Grip Guitar Picks

I seem to be on a never-ending quest to find my ideal guitar pick lately, and this month has been no different.  Recently I picked up some interesting plectrums from a new UK based company called Slick Grip…

These six picks utilise a unique design which is supposed to help wick away moisture and keep the surface nice and grippy.  As grip is something I have trouble with I was only too eager to give these innovative Slick Grip picks a good test run.

What’s In the Box?

As soon as I received the package in the mail I could tell that this was a company who put a lot of thought into how they present their product.  The picks arrived in a black branded envelope, and the bright pink Slick Grip logo instantly alerted me to what the package contained.

Inside the envelope the attention to small details continued as each pick was safely nestled inside its very own individual packaging!  A thick piece of foam houses each pick, which is then cradled by a piece of card and then finally wrapped in a sheet of plastic.  It’s a very neat little design and instantly gives the impression that these are more than your average-joe picks.

Slick Grip Guitar Picks Review Plectrum

The range comes in a variety of sizes from 0.45mm all the way up to 2.0mm.  The different thicknesses are color coded which makes them very easy to distinguish from each other.  Take a look at the close-up image at the end of this article to see exactly what pick sizes are available.

The Design

If you take a look at the image below you will see a detailed graphic of the pick design, which is displayed on the back of the packaging.

Slick Grip Pick Review Plectrum

As you can see, each pick surface is composed of a series of raised ‘nipples’ which should help to channel air flow and reduce perspiration build up.  The nipples also feature a concave scooped shape in order to conform to the shape of your fingers and provide added grip.

The gripping surface on each pick is actually exactly the same, with the pick size being determined only by the tip.  I liked the fact that you can have a substantial pick to hold onto whilst at the same time having a very flexible tip.  The tips are somewhere between a rounded and pointed design, so you get the best of both worlds there.

The pick design also helps to encourage more efficient playing by incorporating a small ridge between the tip and the gripping surface.  This forces you to pick closer to the end of the plectrum or risk snagging on the string.  The nylon surface on these picks is silky smooth and effortlessly glides from one string to the next.

The Skinny

Those of you who have been following LeftyFretz for a while will know that my oily skin makes it very hard for me to find a pick with enough grip.  And unfortunately my affliction has struck again as I find these to be quite slippery in use.  But that’s not to say I didn’t like them…

I did have a few friends try these (some less greasy buggers!) and they all agreed that for them there was plenty of grip.  In fact I’ve only managed to get one of them back because they liked them so much.

The Slick Grip plectrums are a very well designed and well thought out product. I love the attention to detail, I like that they’re colorful, and they are a great training tool for those of you who want to clean up your picking technique.  It’s just a shame that my oily fingers let me down yet again!  For people with skin of a normal disposition these are highly recommended.  My friends will attest to that!

Slick Grip Guitar Pick Plectrum Review Close Up

Slick Grip have also created a few other innovative products, including a rather nifty rubber string dampener.  They are a new company, so I look forward to seeing what other unique products they come out with in the future.  Personally I’d love to see a Jazz sized version of these picks – perhaps the smaller size would be easier for me to hold onto ;)

For more information:
Slick Grip Website

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