Left Handed Schecter Guitars & Basses

Wondering which left handed Schecter guitars or basses are currently available? You’re in the right place, friend!

Schecter was founded in 1976 in California USA, where they began life as a guitar repair store. It wasn’t until 1979 that they started producing their own custom guitars. Today, the brand offers a huge range of guitars and basses, as well as their own line of hand-wound pickups.

They do have a bit of a reputation as being a rock/metal and guitar shred oriented brand, but I’m sure that if you take a look below you’ll find that they are actually quite well-rounded in terms of what they offer.

Schecter has long been known as one of the most lefty-friendly big-name guitar companies around, and this year is not going to see that perception change. 

Left Handed Schecter Guitars

Does Schecter Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing, there are a whopping 84 left-handed Schecter electric guitars, and an additional 38 lefty basses. They are very vocal and proud to be able to offer such a large selection compared to most other guitar brands.

As a result of this, most lefties hold Schecter in high regard, and happily recommend the brand to other southpaws.

PS – Ever wondered why we’re called southpaws? Find out here!

Unfortunately, along with this increased choice comes a price hike of roughly 10% for left handed models. But personally, I’d much rather take that option over settling for a smaller selection of models at right-handed prices.

As they offer so many different guitars and basses, this guide will be a little different from my others. I’m sure you won’t want to scroll through a lengthy article of 122 guitars, so instead, I’ll just give you a little taste and encourage you to head over the Schecter site for the full low-down.

They are a great brand for getting a hold of guitar designs which are often difficult to find in left handed configurations. My first left handed 7-string guitar was a Schecter as they are one of very few brands to offer an affordable entry-level option. They also offer multi-scale models, Evertune bridges, baritone options, plus plenty of 5 and 6-string basses.

Left Handed Schecter Guitars

With 84 left-handed electric guitars currently available, you’re certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to southpaw Schecters!

The images within this guide show merely a small selection of some of the lefties available, just to give you a little sneak peek of the range. So be sure to head over to the Schecter website (link below) to browse the entire offering.

Schecter Lefty Guitars
The image above shows a small selection of models available.

A variety of body styles are available from the usual super-strats and single-cuts, to some more unique offset designs such as the Synyster Gates models.

Many guitars are available with different bridge options, pickup choices, scale lengths, and many are also available in 7 and even 8-string variations. There’s a lot of variety available here, including many guitar styles that are almost impossible to find elsewhere without going down the custom route.

Although in the past most Schecters came mostly in the choice of either black or black cherry finishes, you can now clearly see that the choice is much more varied. The latest lefty release is the Sun Valley Super Shredder which comes with a gorgeous and exotic black limba body.

Schecter has a wide variety of respected artists on their roster, including fellow lefty Zacky Vengeance. You can find out more about Zacky in my Famous Left-Handed Guitarists article.

Check out the full range of lefty Schecter guitars at the link below!

Left Handed Schecter Bass Guitars

As I’ve already mentioned above, Schecter currently offers a whopping 38 left handed bass models.

The images within this guide show merely a small selection of some of the lefties available just to give you a little sneak peek of the range. So be sure to head over to the Schecter website to browse the entire offering.

Left Handed Schecter Bass
The image above shows a small selection of models available.

Schecter’s range of basses mix traditional and modern design methods to create some really forward-thinking instruments. Both passive and active electronics are available, making them suitable for a wide variety of styles and genres.

As I’ve already mentioned above, it’s a real shame that Schecter often gets pigeon-holed into being only for rock and metal players. Although these types of instruments are largely what the brand offers, they clearly do have much more than this!

Many well-known artists play Schecter basses, including Michael Anthony, Nikki Sixx, Dug Pinnick, and Daniel Firth amongst others.

Check out the full range of lefty Schecter basses at the link below!

Schecter Custom Shop

Whatever style of music you play, Schecter has you covered. But just in case you don’t find exactly what you need, there’s always Schecter’s Custom Shop.

Here, you can use the website guitar configurator to spec out your dream guitar. Simply select the base model, and then the website will offer you whatever options are available to customize. The image will change depending on the choices you make, letting you visualize what your custom guitar will look like when completed.

Once done, simply download the design document and take it to your nearest Schecter dealer.

Schecter Website

The Schecter website has sections for both lefty guitars and basses, so it is pretty easy to find out more about each of the available models.

The southpaw guitars are laid out on a single page, with a small number being loaded at first. You can hit the ‘load more’ button to add more models, but I found this to be a bit temperamental, often loading duplicate guitars. The more reliable method seems to be to scroll down, and then if the ‘load more’ button is still there, scroll back up and then down again to get the site to auto-load more. I hope that makes sense!

For more information:
Schecter Guitars Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Plays Schecter Guitars?

Many famous guitarists play Schecter guitars and basses. This list includes artists such as Nick Johnston, Synyster Gates, Zack Vengeance, Keith Merrow, Robert Smith, Machine Gun Kelly, Nikki Sixx, and Dan Donegan amongst many others.

Where Are Schecter Guitars Made?

Most Schecter guitars are made in the brand’s South Korean, Indonesian, or Chinese factories, after which they are shipped to the Schecter headquarters in California for a final guitar setup before being sent to dealers.

All Schecter custom shop instruments are built in California, USA.

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