Sterling by Music Man Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Wondering what left handed Sterling bass guitars and electric guitars are currently available? You’re in the right place my friend!

Sterling by Music Man produces a series of instruments licensed by Ernie Ball Music Man and built overseas in Indonesia. The brand offers a range of guitars and basses modeled after their Music Man siblings, but at a much more affordable price range.

These instruments are aimed at beginner and intermediate level players, but also make ideal workhorse guitars for gigging musicians thanks to their excellent build quality, playability, and versatility.

Left Handed Sterling Bass

Does Sterling Make Left Handed Bass Guitars?

Yes! But unfortunately despite having a selection of really interesting guitars and basses, Sterling is one of the few companies that don’t offer much of a southpaw selection. Left handed bassists have a couple of lovely basses to choose from, but guitarists are out of luck with none currently available.

The company did previously offer the JP60 in a left handed model, as well as a few other bass models so you may still be able to find used examples.

Left Handed Sterling Bass Guitars

Sterling Stingray Ray4 Bass Left Handed

An affordable version of a full-fat Music Man StingRay, aka one of the most iconic bass guitars ever? Yes, please! This left handed Sting Ray bass recreates all of the vintage charm of the original guitar and adds a few modern upgrades.

Left Handed Sterling Stingray Ray4 Bass

Featuring active electronics, a basswood body, and a hard maple neck, this bass is happily able to sit within any genre of music. The single Sterling-designed ceramic humbucker pickup is responsive and articulate with no unwanted hum.

Other features include the famous Music Man ‘banana’ control plate, a 2-band active preamp system, master volume, and classic open-gear tuning machines.

  • Scale Length : 34”
  • Neck Width : 38mm at Nut
  • Body Wood : Basswood
  • Neck Wood : Hard Maple
  • Fretboard Wood : Hard Maple
  • Tuning Machines : Open Gear
  • Neck Joint : 6 Bolt
  • Frets : 21 Medium
  • Pickups : H-1 Ceramic Humbucker
  • Bridge : Fixed, Sterling By Music Man Design

The left handed Sterling Stingray Ray4 bass is only available in the vintage sunburst finish shown above.

Sterling Stingray Ray5 Bass Left Handed

The Sterling StingRay Ray5 is essentially a 5-string version of the model above. Obvious visual differences include a new pickguard design, plus a more bevelled body shape.

Left Handed Sterling Stingray Ray5 Bass

Like its 4-string counterpart, the StingRay Ray5 includes a lightweight basswood body, hard maple neck and fretboard, a 2-band active preamp system, and a single Sterling-designed ceramic humbucker pickup.

A real workhorse bass at a price that won’t break the bank!

  • Scale : 34”
  • Nut Width : 45mm
  • Body Wood : Basswood
  • Neck Wood : Hard Maple
  • Fretboard Wood : Hard Maple
  • Tuning Machines : Open Gear
  • Hardware : Chrome
  • Neck Joint : 6 Bolt
  • Frets : 22 Medium
  • Pickup Selector : N/A
  • Pickups : H-1 Ceramic Humbucker
  • Bridge : Fixed, Sterling By Music Man Design

The left handed Sterling Stingray Ray5 bass is only available in the vintage sunburst finish displayed above.

Left Handed Sterling Guitars

Sterling JP60

There are currently no left handed Sterling guitar models available, however, the JP60 was previously offered as a lefty in a black finish. You may still be able to find examples of these excellent guitars on the used market.

Left Handed Sterling JP60

Music Man does currently offer a southpaw Mariposa (the signature model of Omar Rodriguez Lopez), so it would be nice to see a Sterling left handed Mariposa guitar released as well. Omar is a fellow left handed guitarist after all!

Sterling by Music Man Website

The Sterling website doesn’t feature a lefty-specific section, so the left handed models are therefore quite difficult to find. Good thing I put together this guide for you then, right?

For more information:
Sterling by MusicMan Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sterling Left Handed Guitar Models Are Available?

At the time of writing, there are no Sterling left handed guitars in the Sterling by Music Man range. Previously the left handed Sterling JP60 was available, so you may still be able to find examples on the second-hand market.

Where Are Sterling by Music Man Guitars and Basses Made?

Sterling by Music Man basses and guitars are currently produced in Indonesia. Once manufactured, they are shipped to Los Angeles for a final inspection before being sent to retailers.

Are Sterling By Music Man Good?

Yes! For the money, Sterling by Music Man guitars and basses are excellent quality instruments. Especially considering that they are Music Man’s budget range! This is largely thanks to a lot of research in choosing the ideal factory, combined with USA-based quality control.

The 4-string model would make for an ideal beginner left handed bass. In addition, either model would make a fantastic workhorse bass for gigging musicians.

What Is The Difference Between Music Man and Sterling By Music Man?

The biggest difference between the two brands is the country in which they are manufactured. Music Man guitars and basses are made in the USA and command a much higher price tag, whereas the more affordable Sterling range is produced in Asia.

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