Stonebridge : Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Stonebridge Guitars was founded in 1981 by Frantisek Furch in the Czech Republic.  These high quality guitars are sold under the name ‘Furch’ in Europe and Japan, however they have recently been introduced to the Western world under the name ‘Stonebridge’.

Stonebridge has a huge collection of some of the world’s finest acoustic players as endorsees.  For example Antoine Dufour, Don Alder and Eric Mongrain are all Stonebridge players.  If that isn’t an indication of the quality of these guitars then I don’t know what is!

Stonebridge Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

As with many of the brands who specialise in acoustic instruments, all of Stonebridge’s guitars are available left handed at no additional charge.  I’m told that the build time should run you roughly 4-6 months, but they do keep a small inventory of left handed models in stock.

Stonebridge Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Lefty

The image above shows a small selection of the current range of guitars. Considering that Stonebridge make all of their guitars left handed there isn’t too much point in listing every single model (there’s a lot!).  So I would encourage you to head over to the company website and see for yourselves what is on offer.

Stonebridge Guitars Website

The Stonebridge website clearly states on their ‘Available Options’ page that all of their guitars are available left handed at no additional charge.  So no complaints here!

For more information:
Stonebridge Guitars Website

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