Left Handed Taylor Guitars

Wondering which left handed Taylor guitars are currently available? Well, you’re in the right (left?) place!

Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Based in El Cajon, California, the company has established itself as a leading figure in the guitar industry. Taylor is particularly celebrated for their high-quality acoustic guitars, which are favored by both professional musicians and hobbyists alike.

Additionally, Taylor Guitars are known for their pioneering use of high-tech tools and proprietary techniques in guitar construction, setting them apart in a field that often relies on traditional manufacturing methods.

Left Handed Taylor Acoustic
Taylor 224ce-K Deluxe

Taylor Guitars also stands out for its environmental responsibility. This is exemplified by the sustainable sourcing of tonewoods and innovative use of materials like Urban Ash from end-of-life city trees.

Their involvement in reforestation and eco-friendly practices, like the Ebony Project in Cameroon, highlights their commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in guitar making.

Does Taylor Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! Virtually any Taylor guitar can be ordered as a left-handed model at no additional charge. According to the brand website, the only left-handed Taylor guitars that cannot be built are a select number of the higher-end Builder’s Edition acoustics.

I contacted Taylor to further clarify and was told that the BE 517, BE 816, and BE 717 are currently not offered. In addition, the new T5z Classic, Pro, and Custom Koa hybrid guitars are also unavailable at the time of writing.

Left Handed Taylor Guitars

Taylor Left Handed Guitars

As I’ve already mentioned above, the Taylor left handed guitars range consists of almost the entirety of the brand’s lineup. So, I won’t waste your time by listing all of the left handed Taylor guitars that the brand offers. Instead, head over to Taylor’s website where you can more or less take your pick!

Taylor offers a huge and diverse range of instruments from scaled-down travel acoustics to five-figure top-tier beauties and everything in between. In addition, Taylor also produces a small range of hybrid electric-acoustic guitars in the T5z series.

If you’re after a Taylor left handed guitar, why not check out Guitar Center’s huge selection of southpaws? Disclosure: If you decide to purchase a guitar using this link I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Many models can also be ordered directly from the Taylor website.

Taylor Range Explained

Taylor’s most affordable line of full-sized acoustics is the Academy Series. These solid-top acoustics are ideal for guitarists on a budget and beginners alike. New players will appreciate the slimmer necks, comfortable arm bevels, and the shorter 24 ?” scale length.

Next up we have the 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700. 800, and 900 Series. The 100 Series is the most affordable, and prices continue to increase until we reach the premium 900 Series. Each series of guitars features a unique combination of tonewoods and aesthetic touches for a diverse mix of musical personalities.

Roughly sandwiched between the 200 and 300 range (in terms of price) is the American Dream Series. This new line forms the entry point for USA-made, solid-wood Taylor left handed guitars. These guitars are designed to offer premium performance at an unbeatable value.

Next up we have the Koa Series, which is arguably Taylor’s best-looking line-up in terms of aesthetics. These guitars feature either all-koa bodies, or at least koa tops, and are well-regarded for their balanced, warm tones.

At the top of the Taylor tree, we have the Presentation Series where you’ll find guitars starting around the $10,000 mark. These acoustics are the ultimate showcase of Taylor’s guitar-building prowess, featuring the rarest woods and the highest tier of craftsmanship.

Finally, Taylor also produces a range of smaller-bodied acoustics including the award-winning GS Mini and the even smaller Baby Series. These scaled-down guitars are ideal for travel, or for smaller hands and children to play.

Taylor Left Handed Custom Guitars

Taylor’s standard catalog is sizeable and diverse, but it doesn’t end there. For those with the cash to splash, why not check out the Taylor left handed guitars from their Custom Shop? Here, you can choose the exact body shape, tonewoods, and features to craft your ultimate dream left handed Taylor guitar.

All Taylor custom guitars must be ordered via your local dealer. Amazingly, the turnaround time is quoted as being as little as eight weeks!

Taylor Models Numbers Explained

414ce, 114e, 517e, 510, 514ce-N!? The model numbers for most Taylor guitars may seem confusing at first. However, there is a logical naming convention in place that makes identifying the features of each guitar very simple.

For example, the first digit dictates which series the guitar belongs to. The second tells us how many strings the guitar has, plus whether it features a hardwood or softwood top. The third number shows which body shape you’ll find on that particular model.

For a full rundown of Taylor’s naming conventions, read Understanding Acoustic Guitar Model Numbers.

For More Information:
Taylor Guitars Website

Taylor Guitars FAQ

Where Are Taylor Guitars Made?

Taylor guitars are built in one of the brand’s two factories located in California, USA, and Baja California, Mexico. Baby, GS Mini, 100, 200, and Academy Series models are produced in Mexico, with the 300 series and higher being crafted in Taylor’s USA factory.

Who Owns Taylor Guitars?

As of 2021, Taylor is a 100% employee-owned company.

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