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Taylor Guitars is a USA guitar brand established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug.  Although Taylor is mainly known for their highly regarded steel-string acoustic guitars, they have also of late been producing some stunning semi-hollow and solid body electric guitars.

But what about left handed models I hear you ask?  Although sadly omitted from the current Taylor website, here is the old FAQ entry about left handed availability:

Do you make left-handed models?
Yes, you can get any current Taylor guitar in a left-handed model. There is no extra charge. We can even do a left-handed guitar strung right-handed, if you prefer. Our usual turnaround time is two months or less, even for custom orders. See your local Taylor dealer for more info.

That’s right, you can order any guitar from Taylor’s current range left handed – fantastic!

Left Handed Taylor Guitars

There is just no way I could list all of the guitars available, so I would suggest that you head over to the Taylor Website and take a look around.  Unless you have a fantastic local guitar store with a large lefty selection you’ll more than likely need to special order one, but it’s great that the option is there for us!

A Selection of Left Handed Taylor Acoustic Guitars

The image above shows a tiny selection of Taylor’s current range of left handed guitars, but be sure to head over to the Taylor website to learn more.

Obviously Taylor is a name associated with high quality craftsmanship, but that’s not to say that they only cater to players with a little more cash to splash. In fact, I happily recommend several affordable Taylor guitars in the beginner left handed acoustic guitar guide, including what is one of my personal favorite guitars of all time – the GS Mini.

Taylor Website

The Taylor website used to be really excellent for left handed information, but it seems as though much has gone amiss in recent updates. There used to be a section in their FAQ which talked about lefty availability, and every single product page used to have left handed availability clearly marked. A little disappointing, but a quick email to Taylor gave me the details I needed.

For more information:
Taylor Guitars Website

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